P.C. Switching off on it's own.

  Mick54 10:00 24 Jan 2008

Hiya I have Athlon 2100+ cpu, Nvidia G Force 4400 Ti video card, service pack 2, Maxtor 80gb HDD. The system is about 4 years old and I have had no major problems till now. On Jan 19th my son said his desk top icons went funny ( his words ) and the pc froze so he pressed re-set. Got a BSOD unmountable boot volume. Pressed reset again pc re booted in what I think looked like command prompt mode , the system and drivers were scrolling down screen. It stopped at something like GAGUP driver, H\D was working so left it. After approx 10 minutes pc carried on and booted up. Been a nightmare since, 20th Jan got 4 BSOD all different but pc finally booted. it did a CHKDSK by it's self and corrected a few errors. 23rd Jan after 4 hours being ok it shut down would not even power up. Only switched on for 1 second and stopped again. Took side off some dust so cleaned it all out. Time was 1 o clock afternoon. P.C. did not run again until 6.45 pm. After reading some forums it would seem that my HDD is on the way out, not too sure. Question, if I got an external HDD could I back up my entire o|s and files and programs so that if the HDD does fail completely, I would still have it all saved? Many Thanx Mick.

  Technotiger 10:05 24 Jan 2008

Yes, be a good idea to do a full backup soonest. It might not be the hard drive though - could be that the 4yr old PSU is on its last legs, have you got another PSU to try?

  Technotiger 10:07 24 Jan 2008

Reading through your post again - it could also be the CPU over-heating.

  AlexPB 10:08 24 Jan 2008


I had this problem with one of my old spare PC's, in the end it was in fact a hard disk problem. I replaced the internal hard drive and it booted ok. In answe to your question if you can get the PC running with the hard drive in it then copy everything that you wish to keep accross to your external. Alternatively if the machine still wont boot you could fit the new internal and then try running your existing hard drive as a secondary/slave H.D and then copy the data then remove it.

  Mick54 10:15 24 Jan 2008

Hiya Technotiger, it could be the power supply failing but why all the BSOD's? On 23rd Jan when it did finally boot up the pc ran the CHKDSK program and corrected loads of faults, so many that it stated, insufficient disk space to correct all errors in index $0 of file 622302. But it did finally re- boot. I did a back up using NERO in November last year, but if I connect an external HDD say 250gb can you back up O\S and all programs and files onto it so that if I took away the internal HDD the pc would still run?

  Mick54 10:19 24 Jan 2008

Hiya AlexPB you have answered my question whilst I was typing reply. Will have to get a new internal HDD and give it a go. Your replies are a great help Many Thanx. Will let you know what happens. Mick

  Mick54 11:34 24 Jan 2008

I have ran Si Soft Sandra Lite , found this warning, W1316 says this version of windows contains Product Activation technology. Re-acctivation may take place if major software or hardware changes are made. Could this be reason PC is re-booting for no reason? What do you think. All is ok this morning so far, been running for two and a half hours.

  Technotiger 12:03 24 Jan 2008

That warning simply means that if you make major Hard-ware changes to your PC, you may be required to re-activate your version of Windows via Microsoft.
Simply replacing the hard drive should not affect you in this way. A replacement of the Motherboard would!

  Mick54 18:15 24 Jan 2008

I left pc running at 2 o clock. Went back at 4.35 BSOD unmountable boot volume. Re-booted got PFN LIST CORRUPT. Kept re-booting got IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL. Kept re booting until CHKDSK came up. PC fixed the errors and booted up normally. The time was 5.45pm. Are these BSOD and HDD errors more proof that it is the hard drive? Your comments please gentlemen. Many Thanx Mick.

  Technotiger 18:27 24 Jan 2008

Hmm, yes more likely to be hard drive rather than PSU - but, it could also be a failing CPU. Try replacing the hard drive first.

  Mick54 19:10 24 Jan 2008

The pfn list corrupt refers to the ram. Looked for a checking program not sucessful yet. Decided to look in device manager for any problems there with HDD. Found something on network adaptors. Three WAN Miniport adaptors that said drivers are missing and had exclamation marks next to them. Is this something to do with BSOD that I keep getting?

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