PC switching off

  aca 20:07 18 Mar 2009

Intermittent irrespective of whats running.

Have done:

Temp was a little high and cleaned fans then fine but still switching off
Ran Antivirus just in case
New case and so reset all cards
RAM seated ok

But tonight it happened again?

  woodchip 20:19 18 Mar 2009

Try running with the side of the tower

  aca 20:58 23 Mar 2009

thanks Woodchip

running now with side off, touch wood not a prob

cant see why suddenly getting temp probs now as fans etc all working ok

  aca 21:52 23 Mar 2009


switched off again

  paddyjack 21:58 23 Mar 2009

It could be a faulty motherboard.

  Audio~~Chip 22:43 23 Mar 2009

its a free tool for diagnostic of Memory, can be run on a Floppy or a ISO image on CD.

  daxian 12:55 24 Mar 2009

hi aca...
does the pc switch off ...or restart????
if its restarting it may be a software or hardware driver causing windows to do a restart to protect your computer...
if its shutting off completely then its most likely a heat problem ...as already suggested.
if as you say it has been running a little hot ,
it might be the thermal grease between the processor
and heat sink is not working efficiently.Dave.

  aca 18:43 24 Mar 2009

Thanks all

Run memtest and no probs
Agree heat looks most likely but temps look fine but will have a look at CPU/Heat Sink

It actually switches off and doesnt look like a software problem

Going to run a stress test on graphics card to see if that might be a causing prob

will report back

  aca 18:59 24 Mar 2009

Just run graphics card stress test, whilst using SpeedFan to check temps

Temps started off and went to

GPU 45 up to 106
Temp1 47 up to 51
Temp2 32 up to 32
HD 38 stayed same
Core 51 up to 104
Ambient 42 up to 55

had case side on, and above temps reached after few minutes but still rising. CPU at 100%

graphics card is old geforce so grunted

but no switch off? Although complete freeze now, so going to stop test

any ideas on relevance of above

  aca 19:13 25 Mar 2009


  Jak_1 20:16 25 Mar 2009

Sounds like it may be time to get a new PSU as it could be that yours is on it's way out. This is one of the symptoms of a faulty PSU. How old is the pc?

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