PC switches itself off on start up

  tizliz 14:06 13 Aug 2007

Most mornings (but not every one), the pc switches itself off before it has finished loading my settings. It then restarts on its own. Some days it will do this three or four times before it settles down, some days just once. Then it is OK all day.
It is bog standard pc, put together by a friend about 2 years ago, this problem has just been the last few months.

  ambra4 14:28 13 Aug 2007

It looks like a overheating problem check you heat sink fan, power supply fan, and clean

  tizliz 15:34 13 Aug 2007

No, that is not the problem as the pc has been cleaned recently and also once it is on there is no problem for the rest of the day.

  SANTOS7 17:25 13 Aug 2007

could be a loose connection as you say its been cleaned recently or it could be PSU failure...

  AdvisorAl 10:51 15 Aug 2007

Sounds like the same problem I had sometime ago,turned out to be the PSU on its way out,it finaly gave up the ghost fitted a new PSU no problem since. or as SANTOS says it might just be a loose connection.
look hear to test PSU click here
..... Alan

  Dumble452 06:45 20 Aug 2007

I've had a similar problem recently. I switched off automatic restart ( go to My Computer, right click, select properties, advanced,Start up and recovery settings, then uncheck automatic restart)
This then gave me an error code when boot up failed, which at least gave me some information to start from.

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