PC switches off 5-10 seconds upon switching on

  sammer 00:15 31 Jul 2007

My pc switches off 5-10 seconds upon switching it on. It suddenly switches off as if the PC has been turned off by the mains.
I have changed the power supply but this has not changed anything.
I had a recent problem of my cpu overheating which I replaced with a working, non overheating cpu.
After many instances of my previous cpu overheating which caused my PC to shut down, my netgear wireless pci card was not being detected.
After changing my cpu to the working, non overheating cpu, my PC was working fine with no overheating, expect my netgear wireless pci card was not being detected.
Now after a month of changing my cpu, I have this problem of the PC switching off 5-10 seconds upon switching it on, before loading windows.

I am using an Asus a8n sli delux socket 939 motherboard, an AMD Athlon 64 3800 X2, 1.5 GB Elixer RAM, one 200GB HDD and one 300GB HDD.

Could the overheating of the cpu have damaged my motherboard?

  woodchip 00:17 31 Jul 2007

Check the CPU fan is working, As it sounds like a Overheat Problem. PSU can also do this

  sammer 00:35 31 Jul 2007

My cpu fan seems to be working fine, PSU supply fan is also working fine on both PSUs which I have tried.

  I am Spartacus 00:49 31 Jul 2007

Is the CPU fan plugged into the socket on the motherboard correctly?

  sammer 09:56 31 Jul 2007

Yes the cpu fan is plugged into the correct socket and seems to be working fine.

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