PC Switch Off Question

  muddypaws 08:53 27 Feb 2013

I purchased a new Logiteck wirellees keyboard and mouse yesterday.

It has the usual buttons at the top including a PC switch off button. So last night instead of the usual Start/Turn Off

sequence I used the button. PC immediately switched off with no saving settings etc.

I wondered if I might have lost anything, but switching on the usual way just now the PC went straight into fully booted

with no boot up sequence and everything loaded.

So question is what mode does it go into via the keyboard and is it a risky manoevre.



  muddypaws 08:54 27 Feb 2013


Obviously not used to it yet.

  Chronos the 2nd 09:00 27 Feb 2013

Logitech is a bit iffy also lol. But I can only assume that it puts it in to hibernation/sleep mode if it booted straight to where you left off.I am in the process of knocking up a SFF PC for my good lady and I have a Logitech wireless mouse/KB so will have a look later once I have it installed. At the moment I am waiting on a case for the build so the parts though connected are in a bit of a mess at the moment. Just installed Windows so will update then install the mouse/Kb and let you know.

  Batch 09:16 27 Feb 2013

Almost certainly a sleep button, not power off / on.

This will put run down the disks and generally put the system in to a low power state, but maintain the memory. When you went to power-up, it would have just restored the full power ready for you to carry on from where you left off. Note that if you had subsequently fully powered off (whilst in sleep mode) the memory contents would have been lost - whether you would have lost any work or not would have depended on whether you had saved to disk and the caches had been flushed.

  Chronos the 2nd 09:36 27 Feb 2013

As Batch has quite rightly pointed out,the button is a Sleep or standby button. Well it is on my Logitech Wireless Combo MK260 and just tried it and yes that is exactly what the button does.

  muddypaws 09:59 27 Feb 2013

Chronos the 2nd


Thanks for quick replies. Think I will continue to shut down via Windows to prevevnt any problems.

  muddypaws 10:01 27 Feb 2013


Done it again

  muddypaws 10:04 27 Feb 2013

Bit disappointed that the mouse takes 2X AAAs. Been using two of my many AA re-chargeables in the old one.

Will see if the battery life is as good as it says on the box.

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