PC Sudden switch-off

  Nickoftime 10:55 25 Mar 2008

I have an ASUS A7V600-X motherboard (MB) with an Athon XP2500+ CPU. The PC switches off suddenly & can only be restarted after unplugging & re- connecting the power lead to the PSU: it appears (from the ASUS Probe MB utility) this happens when the CPU temp exceeds 60 deg C (the MB is then typiclly around 40 degs. The safe max op temp of this CPU is however much higher than this. I can't find any settings in the BIOS that control such temp-induced switch off (I have set the ASUS Probe temp limits at 80 deg). The CPU fan was rated for this chip & runs at 2720 rpm. I have tried an uprated (450W) PSU but have same problems if I try to run the CPU at more than 1400 MHz (the BIOS options go up to over 2000 MHz). Graphics card (Radeon Excalibur 9200 VIVO) performance now affected - presumbly because it requires higher CPU speed ?. Grateful for any suggestions.

  brundle 11:21 25 Mar 2008

Disconnect non-essential hardware, run a memory test click here, does the FSB/memory speed also affect the shutdown problem? Max temp for those chips is about 85C but I wouldn't let it get near that if I were you, not that you have much choice at the moment. Mine used to hover around 50-60C, the latter only under extreme load. If you feel competent, pull it apart and reseat the processor with some high quality compound. Take out and refit the memory chips too.

  Nickoftime 12:05 25 Mar 2008

Thanks for the Mmory test suggestion and link. Unfortuntely the memtest site speaks in language 'beyond my ken' - I apologise for troubling you if I've missed a "simly explained forthe under 5's" section somewhere. Do I download an ISO file to a cd & then boot with thator what ?

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