pc stops half way through boot up

  Emperor Penguin 10:40 12 Jan 2009

I have had this happen every morning for over a week now. I switch the pc on in the morning, it starts to come on then it goes off after about 3 seconds. I leave it for 2 minutes and then I try again and it comes on in safe mode. I looked at the error message today and it said something about the pc attempted to boot up using the incorrect cpu speed.
How can I fix this?

  kindly 11:05 12 Jan 2009

Have you loaded any programs into the computer just before you started to get this problem. If you are able to, can you do a system restore to before the problem started.
If you can in safe mode, do a full scan for virus and maleware that might of got into the comp. I dont know enough about the cpu speed or what to do with that, sorry.

  birdface 11:20 12 Jan 2009

Until someone can give you the help that you need.If its an oldish computer maybe check the air vents are clear of dust and fluff if so inside will need cleaning as well.Also check that the CPU fan is working properly if not it will overheat and probably shut down and check the PSU fan is also working Ok.

  Emperor Penguin 11:25 12 Jan 2009

It's happening too quickly after boot up to be a heat related problem and it only happens first time every morning. If it was heat related it would happen again and again. All fans are working as normal. I have scanned for malware and have found nothing unusual

  Jim_F 11:59 12 Jan 2009

In my view this is prbably a PSU on the edge as the cold start is when its get a hammering. Disk torque is at its worst so the motors draw higher currents. If the PSU detects a voltage drop due to this it should shut down by design.

It can also be due to a faulty drive with a spindle that 'locks' so its worth testing the PSU headroom first by removing as much as possible (don't leave CD and DVDs in the drives and remove unpowered USB devices prior to the next cold boot)

I think the processor speed issue may be a symptom as the bios can get corrupted if it gets bounced during initialisation but its worth doing a reset to (safe) factory defaults and testing from there.

  Emperor Penguin 16:38 12 Jan 2009

thanks Jim F. your prognosis sounds the most plausible. I will try the next boot with the external hd disconnected and see if that makes a difference

  Emperor Penguin 18:53 12 Jan 2009

i'm assuming that it's the psu. thanks for your help

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