PC Still freezing, but no Spy or Malware!!

  gazmix 14:20 26 Aug 2006

I guess some of you have read my post about my pc freezing on startup.
I took the advice of someone here & posted a hijackthis logfile on click here & some guy looked at it & asked me to do the same with Ewido & Kaspersky.
He analised those & noticed nothing saying it was a software problem.

I have got rid of AVG, still freezing.
I uninstalled ZA & reinstalled, still freezing!
He asked me what Mailwasher i used & said 5.3 version can do this (freezing), so i'm about to try removing my Mailwasher 2 & reinstalling it.

What should my settings be for ZA, should both my firewall settings be on high!, should i have AVG & ZA antivirus both running.
I'm running out of ideas!!
Anyone please

  VoG II 14:23 26 Aug 2006

You should never have more than one antivirus. Choose one and disable the other.

  User-312386 14:26 26 Aug 2006

1 Turn off windows firewall, to do that go to start>Control Panel>Network and Internet Connections>Windows Firewall and turn it OFF

Next uninstall a antivirus, personally i would keep AVG

Now reboot

Now have you installed all the drivers for your chipset and Graphics card?

  p;3 14:59 26 Aug 2006

from looking at the malware thread it looks as though you did not allow the Graduate university member who was helping you on the malware forum to complete his help for you; you could always ask them to reopen that thread so they can continue to try and help you, as they were willing to do so ; why not ask then to check a fresh log for you?

  Kate B 15:01 26 Aug 2006

Another reason for freezing is overheating. Are all your case fans working?

  gazmix 15:09 26 Aug 2006

Ok, i turned off Windows firewall &s i have ZA installed.

I have only 1 antivirus, which is AVG.

I have uninstalled all my programmes today other than adaware se & spybot & all still freezes.

So i installed mailwasher back, ZA back & still is freezing on start.

Mybe my settings, like the Stealth mode on firewall are both on high & that should be lowered!!

I have turned off ZA antivirus protection as i have AVG.
Still freezing.
But it is software prob as the guy said in my 1st post.

I've noticed one of 2 lights on my keyboard when "Caps lock" is on has gone out & the pc unfroze once when i unplugged my USB mouse.
Could that be it i wonder!!

  gazmix 15:11 26 Aug 2006

Kate, i aint a clue, i'm a pure novice!!


  p;3 15:34 26 Aug 2006

I presume you unplugged your USB mouse when the computer was turned off? of interest, do you have only one mouse installed?

  gazmix 15:43 26 Aug 2006

On his last thread, he said there was no mal or spyware, i don't get you!!

  p;3 15:48 26 Aug 2006

you have said that the pc unfroze when you unplugged your USB mouse?

  gazmix 15:58 26 Aug 2006

Would plugging the mouse in while the pc is on have be a reason for freezing!!

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