PC startup

  a_dani19 09:13 13 Jan 2005

This is not such a big prob, just a bit anoying
I installed a USB 2.0 PCI card...now the PC starts when i switch on at the mains plug. No need for switch on front panel.

When i removed the card, all was fine. I tried installing the card in different PCI slots, same prob. I cleared CMOS so motherboard resets config data but same prob. whats going on??

Thank you everyone

  Sethhaniel 10:33 13 Jan 2005

or similar -
can you turn off the computer in normal way - and does it act normal then -
If i've been away and switched everything off at mains
on return when I switch on mains power my computer springs to life - - but unless I'm on a two week holiday my mains connector is on 24/7 ;)

  a_dani19 11:48 13 Jan 2005

No, it's not set to wake up to LAN....only to wake up when i tell it to.

Also i have a habit of switching everything off first properly by the on/off swith and then from the mains. I just wanna know why after install this PCI card things changed and what reason...if anyones got ideas.


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