PC Starts up - then shuts down.

  c-oshea 10:46 24 Jul 2007


Just recently built myself a new PC, and all was going fine with it, after I had my OS installed and checked everything was fine I decided to install my old wireless network card.

After doing this I booted the machine back up, all the fans started up, including the CPU and GPU fans. Then the CPU fan stops and then the machine shuts down.

I removed the offending PCI card, but my computer is still doing this. I have also tried reseting the CMOS just to make sure.

If anyone can offer any advice on this situation then I would be grateful.

Thank you,

  Jak_1 12:20 24 Jul 2007

Sounds very much like a psu problem. Do you have any way of checking the psu in another machine or trying another psu in the new machine?

  c-oshea 12:26 24 Jul 2007

Thank you for your speedy reply.

I will try and get hold of another PSU to test this out. Also just to add to this, I have tried removing everything bar the basics from the unit, that is to say that inside my case now the only things connected are the CPU+Heatsink, RAM, MotherBoard, and PSU.

  €dstowe 13:18 24 Jul 2007

Immediate shutdowns may also be the CPU overheating because of poor thermal contact with the heatsink. Did you remember to use Thermal paste between the processor unit and the heatsink?

  c-oshea 15:50 24 Jul 2007

hi again.

Ok, just picked up another PSU from my local vendor. This did not solve the problem, so at least that is one more thing ruled out of the equation. Thank you for the advice though Jak_1

€dstowe, i did use thermal paste, could it be an idea to remove the heatsink and reapply some? Also not sure if i mentioned before, but i was able to fully install my OS on the system, it wasn't until I added the new PCI device that this started happening.

Thanks for the advice.


  €dstowe 16:15 24 Jul 2007

With thermal paste it's a case of "less is more". You only need a VERY thin layer for it to be effective. Too much can be as bad as none at all. Also make sure the heatsink is firmly attached to the CPU.

I've just been speaking to my builder and his advice is to strip the machine down and start again. He says it's probably "one of those things".

  c-oshea 16:45 24 Jul 2007

Thanks for your reply again.

Ok will try stripping everything down and starting again tomorrow :) had about all that I can handle today lol :D



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