PC starts with a lengthy beep, Blank screen too

  MasterRaze 09:28 19 Aug 2009

Hey everybody. New user here who needs a lil help. I'll tell you exactly what happened.

So yesterday, I put my PC on "Sleep" mode as I had to pop out for a bit. After I had come back, the PC won't kick out of it. Well the CPU did, but the screen wouldn't It was still on Standby mode. After trying for 5 minutes I decided to reboot the PC. But this time round, upon switching it on, there was a lengthy beep (5-10 seconds long.) That beep would occur every 10 seconds but the screen won't come on still. After trying a couple of times I decided to try it on a different monitor using different wiring... same problem again. I tried switching it on without it being connected to a monitor and I could still hear the beep of death. I tried to use a different power cable for the CPU and no luck.

After having done some research, I realised it could be either my RAM or graphics card. So can anyone hear me advise me well? Where do I go now from here? What is wrong with my PC? How do I go about getting it fixed? Any help will be really appreciated.

Here's my specs:

Packard Bell iXtreme
Vista Premium
3gb RAM
2.4Ghz Intel Quad Core 2
768mb nVidia GeForce 9600 GS
700gb HDD

If you need any more info then ask.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:12 19 Aug 2009

Remove and refit both ram modules and graphic card and retry to boot.
(this is to remake the connections that do work loose overtime due to expansion and contraction).

  Graphicool1 11:28 19 Aug 2009

First you could check that your RAM sticks are inserted correctly.
If they are ok...
Try this, remove one of the RAM memory sticks and Boot. If it still doesn't work, put it back and take out the other one and try it again. It may be that one of your memory sticks is faulty.

  MasterRaze 11:36 19 Aug 2009

I did look inside my PC and from what I saw, everything was inserted correctly. However, I will try out what you guys have advised. Thanks.

  zlaplus 12:04 09 Jun 2011

hi there MasterRaze, did you ever manage to sort this problem?

i have the exact same PC with the exact same problem, i have tried changing:-

Mouse Kybd PSU each stick of RAM (although not tried new) HDD

so it could either be:-

RAM MOBO or Graphics?

any help would be good


  Nontek 12:39 09 Jun 2011

zlaplus You would be better off by starting your own Thread/New subject - this thread is almost two years old, in addition to which, I don't think the original Poster would be very happy getting replies meant for you!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:41 09 Jun 2011

Remove / refit graphics card to remake the connection.

If on board graphics chip then you may need a new separate graphics card fitting.

  kalignorgna 13:48 09 Jun 2011

you can try removing the CMOS battery for 15min (most people say 30min but its usually reset if left 15mins) or a faster way to do it is once the CMOS battery is out get two small flat head screwdrivers and press the metal connecters down for around 3 minutes.

  woodchip 16:06 09 Jun 2011

First Before using any kind of Sleep Mode, set you Hard Drive to Never Turn off, As it looks like Windows is not starting the Drive back up Long Beep is pointing to a strait forward Hardware Problem on the 5 volt line that tests hardware at startup

  zlaplus 23:21 13 Jun 2011

hi everyone, thanks for the replies. i have tried so far, removing the RAM 1 at a time, then with no RAM, still beeps removed HDD, still beeps removed PCI-E, still beeps removed CMOS overnight - forgot about it - ;), still beeps even removed DVD, no luck. tried with nothing except MOBO and CPU, still beeps got a new PSU, ripped the connections out and fitted the new one, still beeped ;( so, tomorrow (or next day - lol) CPU off then hopefully still have the beep, lol, if i get a new beep then i know its cpu?????right

  zlaplus 23:22 13 Jun 2011

how do i start a new thread?

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