pc start but nothing happens!!

  owane 18:51 15 Feb 2011

Hi, I have a Lenovo with a g31t-lm motherbord and I just bought an Infineon HYS64T128020HU-3.7-B ddr2 ram but the problem is when I put it on the pc start and the processor's fan start spinning faster than usual and nothing happens the screen keeps dark like in sleeping mode, I know that the ram and the pc are fine since the pc works fine with the ram already installed and the new Infineon works fine with another pc so can anyone tell me if they're not compatible???
thank you in advance!

  ams4127 19:16 15 Feb 2011

PC RAM sticks must be IDENTICAL not just compatable.

  GaT7 19:26 15 Feb 2011

owane, does the new Infineon module work on its own in the Lenovo board? Try resetting the CMOS & see if that helps - how to do this may be in the Lenovo manual.

'PC RAM sticks must be IDENTICAL not just compatable.'

ams4127, that is not entirely true. I've often mixed different RAM without problems, but on the odd occasion certain motherboards don't like it. G

  woodchip 19:55 15 Feb 2011

If the screen is dark, the PC as not started, Take the ram back and exchange for a stick that will work with the other stick

  ams4127 21:47 15 Feb 2011

Crossbow7, there are times when you will get away with it as you have done. However, to guarantee the machine accepting the RAM without throwing a wobbly, I maintain that fitting identical sticks is better. I learnt that lesson the expensive way!!

  woodchip 22:32 15 Feb 2011

I would tend to agree with your post, even when it works with it. Hard Drives are the same. it's always better to have the same make drive if you have more than one in the PC

  owane 09:07 16 Feb 2011

thank you for the welcome,
I actually already tried using only the new RAM but it didn't work,
also the shop said I could return it if it didn't work, and choose another one, the only problem is I don't know much about hardware and the only thing I know is that my motherboard supports ddr2, so here are some informations:
here are my mother board's memory support informations:
2x 240 Pin DDR2, Dual Channel DDR667/800, up to 4 GB
and here's what's written on the new RAM:
HYS6 PC4T128020HU-3.7-B
1GB 2Rx8 PC2-4200U-444-12-E0

  onthelimit 09:10 16 Feb 2011

Run the Crucial scanner click here. It will tell you what you have and what is compatible to add. You don't have to buy the RAM from them.

  GaT7 10:37 16 Feb 2011

Once you have run the Crucial scanner, post the Crucial link to the RAM it suggests so we can also have a look at what this is.

There is nothing wrong with the type of memory you purchased, but I think you may need a faster speed according to the info you have provided in your last post. PC2-4200 is 533Mhz, so try PC2-5300 (667Mhz) or PC2-6400 (800Mhz) RAM as mentioned in the support info.

I maintain that the chances of what just happened to you are very slim, as most motherboards are quite tolerant with mixing RAM - even different speeds. I have mixed RAM in 3 of 4 motherboards I use, & the failure rate (of mixed RAM) is about 1 in 30-40 motherboards. With all due respect, I don't thing the others have much experience of this & just because it happened to them once or twice, they seem to be having a knee-jerk reaction. G

  owane 11:27 16 Feb 2011

yes, I myself often mixed RAM but never had a problem.
here's a link to the scan result:
click here

  GaT7 14:28 16 Feb 2011

That's OK then - Crucial's scan confirms the type of RAM I mentioned in my previous post.

To be honest, PC2-4200 RAM should've also worked fine, & when mixed with the others the overall RAM speed will just default to the speed of the slowest. But may be one of those 'fussy' boards as discussed before. G

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