pc on standbye!

  gazmix 23:38 06 Dec 2010

Is it possible & ok to leave my pc on standbye for long periods?

I can't turn it off as i need it for working & as i've had this startup issue thats gone on for ages & nobody can help with, its my only choice!

If i knew how to sort my startup issue out, it'd be ok

  lotvic 00:10 07 Dec 2010

Depends on your pc, some people have had troubles when using standby.

What is the startup issue you have? I have done a search on pca forum and can't see any threads from you about it.

  gazmix 00:26 07 Dec 2010

This is the thread

click here

tried lots of things!

day 3 of standbye!

  Chris_Byers 08:25 07 Dec 2010

The answer is yes...and no.
Windows Xp has a bit of a 'problem' with standby mode where, on occasion, it sometimes does not wake up correctly, and often peripherals and items of hardware are absent until you reboot.
This has been adressed and fixed in vista and W7, but XP is, TBH, not happy with standby modes in general.

  gazmix 08:33 07 Dec 2010

Have never had bad experience with starting from standbye with my XP, thats why i have no choice in leaving in standbye as is guaranteeing it will start as opposed from shut down!

What about the power issue?, could the standbye be a reason for my startup from shutdown issue?
Just not sure about to do about either

  jack 09:17 07 Dec 2010

Try hovering the mouse over Standby and then clicking mouse and right shift.
This writes the existing screen and work to disk- you can then power down.
At the next start up it returns to the screen instead of the usual POST and work through.

  gazmix 09:23 07 Dec 2010

puts computer in a lower power state, so you can quickly resume your session!

is what it says! right shift key does nothing, it just goes to standbye

  TonyV 10:18 07 Dec 2010

Right click on Desktop/Properties/Screensaver/Power/Hibernate/ Enable Hibernate. Maybe that will help you.


  gazmix 10:22 07 Dec 2010

ok so i guess this shuts down pc?

whats the difference?

Mu issue is the pc won't start if shut down!

  gazmix 10:29 07 Dec 2010

restarting from shutdown is my issue so i guess stanbye is better

  TonyV 10:33 07 Dec 2010

I've just tried it on mine which is also XP SP3 and after it "closed" down, I restarted it and the screen came up with the message Resuming Windows. This was so much quicker than normally starting windows. But whether it is really shutting down in the first place, is another matter!!

Have fun!


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