PC spontaneously restarts

  the_face 17:01 09 Jan 2004

For about 2 weeks now, my PC (Win Me, 128 Ram, 40 gig) has been spontaneously restarting.

I have no idea why.

About half of the 40 Gig is being taken up. God knows what it is that is doing it. I was thinking of using CleanUp and doing some spring cleaning.

I've defragged and done most other housekeeping duties, but no difference.

PC tends to restart early on into working.

Can somebody please help?

  Godfather2004 17:31 09 Jan 2004

First things first, have you run a Anti-virus scan yet? As quite a few viruses make ou restart again and again? Are there any messages to warn you about this?

Regards Jay

  the_face 17:37 09 Jan 2004

Actually, my virus software is out of date....oops

should i just get the latest Norton? will that clear it up?

  Gongoozler 17:39 09 Jan 2004

You could check whether the problem is software related by starting in Safe Mode. If the computer runs ok then you need to see what program is causing the problem. Do you have a hardware monitoring program? The computer could be shutting down as a protection against voltage or temperature being out of limits.

  Godfather2004 17:44 09 Jan 2004

Get something free like AVG, that will do the job as well as any other AV. Plus i have it!
click here

  the_face 17:56 09 Jan 2004

how do i do safe mode?

  Gongoozler 18:42 09 Jan 2004

Safe Mode

click here

  the_face 12:36 10 Jan 2004

When I press F12 at start-up, it says Operating System not found.

I'm still using the computer at the moment, but i'm sure it's just a matter of time before it restarts again.

I'm beginning to think I've got some kind of virus.

  the_face 12:40 10 Jan 2004

Is there anything I can do to save it? I've managed to salvage my important files to CD.

What are my options with regard to insurance? Or would I just have to buy a new hard drive?

  Gongoozler 17:09 10 Jan 2004

Why do you think you need a new hard drive? At the very worst, you can reformat your drive and reinstall Windows and your software. Have you tried scanning for virusses. Most of the major antivirus companies will do an online scan for you. You can find these by doing a Google search for "online virus scan", I found Norton (Symantec), Trend and Kapersky on the first page, and I'm sure MsAfee will also do a scan.

Re. your hard drive being half full, are you saying that you don't know what is filling it?

  PUNKA 19:34 10 Jan 2004

Panda, download panda software free online virus scan then download stinger and destroy the virus it sounds exactly like the blaster virus, you can also try microsoft;s site and download a patch to isolate and repair your problems... good luck

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