PC Specification???

  AlexPB 11:11 12 Sep 2007

Hi there,

I have a second PC at home ( Packard Bell) and I am looking to use it more for some gaming and general tasks. Could anybody tell me If it is good enough for higher spec tasks and if not what id need to upgrqade/change

The Spec:

- Intel Pentium D processor
- 1Gb DDR2 RAM
- 40Gb Internal hard drive
- 320Gb External hard drive
- 17" TFT monitor
- New sound card coming
- Just standard graphics card, not sure what one though.

Any advise welcome


  Brad G 14:19 12 Sep 2007

what your best off doing is checking the system requirements of games your likely to play. this will give you an idea of just how much muscle your system will need.

you didnt mention what type of processor you have ( pentium D doesnt suffice ) need to know 64 bit , 32 bit etc etc clock speed, single core dual core...

graphics card is also somthing your going to have to think about, but again we would need to know if its AGP PCI-E etc

if your thinking of vista, then youl want another GB of memory, and a bigger hard drive

  Totally-braindead 14:39 12 Sep 2007

For general tasks (assumming its XP you have) the PC will be more than adequate.

Gaming is a bit more complicated. As Brad G has pointed out we really need to know what games you wish to play, this is to give us an idea of what spec your PC needs to be to run it.

We need to know. Speed of processor. I assume its XP is it? What graphics you actually have and what graphics slots you have IE AGP or PCI Express. And you need to look at the label inside your PC on the actual power supply and tell us what its rated at in Watts. The last bit is because the power supply might not provide enough power to a upgraded graphics card and if so would need to be replaced as well.

The power supply label you will have to physically look for the rest of the info you can find will Belarc click here or SIW click here

  Totally-braindead 14:40 12 Sep 2007

If you get stuck and can provide the model number of the PB computer someone should at least be able to tell you about the graphics side of the computer.

  keef66 16:33 12 Sep 2007

I read somewhere that Pentium D is dual core because that's what the D stands for.

  Marko797 16:37 12 Sep 2007

Alex, if ur gonna play the newer games, then make sure the new card has the above. PSU is also something to consider (as mentioned by TB), but safest bet to be generally c. 500w

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