PC spec for Photoshop CS2 processing Raw images

  DAWN RAIDER 13:33 04 Jan 2007

Can anyone help me to determine the spec I should be looking at when purchasing a PC to process large raw files in Photoshop CS2. Its the performance of the processor, the amount of Ram required and the graphic card requirements that I am particularly interested in. Budget is under £1,000 excluding screen.

  Bantam007 13:52 04 Jan 2007

I'd go with a Core 2 Duo processor, at least an E6300 or an E6600 if funds allow, you'll need plenty of Ram, 2Gb of DDR2 (at least 667 MHz) should be enough. A powerful graphics card won't be necessary as Photoshop is only concerned with 2D images not 3D, something like a GeForce 7600GT should be more than adequate.

  DAWN RAIDER 14:12 04 Jan 2007

Thanks for that - comments on 2D v 3D useful.

  BrianW 14:34 04 Jan 2007

Most modern systems should do you well. I'm doing large amounts of RAW processing via CS/2 using an old system with Athlon XP-A 2400 cpu and 1.5 gig of RAM. It has an AGP 8X Nvidia Geoforce MX440 card.

It does slow down a bit when I get to about 20+ layers but I work most of the time in 16 bit colour so its shoving a lot of digits about! :)

Having said that, I do agree with Bantam on the use of the Core 2 duo cpu and minimum 2gb of RAM with space to grow that to 4gb being preferable)

Also look to having at least 2 fast and large hard-drives, CS/2 likes to have the Scratch disk on a separate hard drive and (as I'm selling a lot of my work,) I always like to have a least 2 sources of back-up a duplicate image store on the second HDD plus a DVD copy of the RAW images)

  DAWN RAIDER 14:55 04 Jan 2007

Thanks Brian - my current machine is struggling just to process the files. I have the main image stored on an external USB 2 hard drive [due to insufficient disk space in my PC] but my two scratch disks are inside the main machine on two independant hard drives. I think it sounds better to get everything on one new big internal harddrive and use my USB HDD as a backup. Can you partition the main drive to in effect create an area for one/two scratch disk[s] to improve performance?

  hssutton 16:11 04 Jan 2007

I have almost the same as Brian the difference being I have 2gb ram, but I increased the ram so that I could use Adobe Lightroom efficiently.

Lightroom IMO is far better than ACR for raw conversion. I have my scratch disk on a seperate "onboard drive" and find that CS2 and CS3 run very smoothly. My file sizes are approx 36mb.

I use the Radeon 9550 with 256mb ram. previously I was using the Radion 9250 with 128mb ram and never found a problem running CS2. I changed the graphics card due to my newish monitor the 20" Formac Gallery Extreme 1600 x 1200 resolution not working to well on the 9250 card

  DAWN RAIDER 17:31 04 Jan 2007

I am begining to get a good picture of the spec. now thank you all. Next issue is where to buy - high street, web or local specialist. Anyone got experience of a good supplier who really does support you.

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