PC speakers used for DVD player? Possible?

  Mr Scone 13:24 07 Jan 2003
  Mr Scone 13:24 07 Jan 2003

I've just bought a DVD player (for TV viewing not PC) and it has 5.1 surround output. I'm keen to get some 5.1 speakers but all the speakers/subs i have found are quite expensive.

My question is, would a set of speakers designed for a PC (eg Creative Inspire 5.1, which are a lot cheaper than most of the other options around) work with my DVD?


  northamuk 13:28 07 Jan 2003

Pity you've bought the DVD, Safeway are doing a special - DVD with 5.1 speakers for £125.

  drab 13:30 07 Jan 2003

Course they will,malcolm

  Allattar 13:31 07 Jan 2003

Check the connectors on the speakers if you can. But the 5.1 is a standard and (if i remember the back of my soundcard correctly) it has Standard phono plugs for the speakers, 6 of them on an adapter for the card, to fit the 5.1 speakers.

If your buying from a website or over the phone just ask if the 5.1 speakers use standard phono connections, which they should do.

  powerless 13:34 07 Jan 2003

Most 5.1's that i know are just twisted strands of copper at the end of the wire. No plug as such.

  Old PC man 13:37 07 Jan 2003

Any old powered speakers will do but the sound quality should be your ultimaste goal. After all why have a DVD quality output and play it through a lower quality set of speakers.

I think that speakers for a computer are designed for viewing DVD films etc. by one or two persons in a fairly intimate group, whereas when viewing on a large, wide screen tv the sound is used to fill the room, with a consequent need for more powerful and better quality squeakers.

If you want the quality, buy quality, if not a good big-un always beats a good little-un.

Go out and listen to the speakers you intend to buy and then decide.


  Mr Scone 13:38 07 Jan 2003

That sounds promicing. I'll check the connectors on the DVD and Speakers to be sure (i'll have a look in PC world or somewhere ;o)).

Well that's saved me a lot of money anyway

northamuk - Not too upset - the DVD only cost £69 anyway. Very good spec for the price (Plays DVD, VCD, SVCD, MP3, Kodak picture CD + 5.1 output - I'm pleased)

Will leave the post open for a while, just in case anyone has anything to add, then will close

Thanks guys


  northamuk 13:41 07 Jan 2003

Not a bad price if it has an onboard 5.1 decoder.

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