PC Sound Problem

  2Xtreme_lives 12:21 24 Dec 2006

Recently my pc broke. I could't afford to replace it so i bought the following pc to tie me over into the new year:
1.2GHZ Amd Duran CPU
Gigabyte Radeon 9250 128mb
Creative Audio PCI

Everything seems to run fine, accept the Creative Audio PCI. The pc used to run windows 98, then windows xp, and because windows would't accept my product key i used my windows 2000 one, so now i am windows 2000. The sound has a strange problem, it is very distorted, and crackly. I can listen to music tracks ok with a little distortion, however i can't watch videos with out the sound being really fast and very crackly. Now there are more than 1 sound port on my pc, there is one on the card and one on the motherboard. The one on the card is a Dark Green, which it is plugged into at the moment, however the motherboard one doesnt make any sound at all. What could be the problem?, i have installed the latest drivers, and turned of acceleration and nothing worked.

Many thanks and merry christmas

  wotbus@ 12:28 24 Dec 2006

If you fit a PCI card, graphics or sound, the mobo onboard graphics or sound is automatically disabled.
Your speakers should be plugged into the sound card. If you know the model of the card, visit the site for support - their FAQ is reasonably helpful. Are your speakers passive or active - just speakers or speakers with an amp?

  skidzy 12:29 24 Dec 2006

Check in the bios that only one sound card is enabled.
At least that will be a start.

  wotbus@ 12:37 24 Dec 2006

If you are able:
Download the correct driver for your card. Delete all Creative software, including the device (from Add/Remove Programs).
Remove the card and reboot. Plug your speakers into the mobo outlet and see if you have anything - if not don't worry too much. Power down and insert your card and boot up. Windows will find the device and winge about software - ignore it all. Now install the driver previously downloaded - you will probably be asked to reboot afterwards. Plug your speakers into the card outlet. If you have no or bad sound still, it is 99% certain to be either speakers or card at fault. The other 1% could be things like dodgy connections.

  2Xtreme_lives 12:46 24 Dec 2006

Ok thanks guys, i have upgraded nearly eveything in this pc, accept the sound card, shall i just take out the card and run it off the internal?, is there a way i can use the internal sound without taking out the card?
Many thanks

  skidzy 12:52 24 Dec 2006

Disable the sound card in the bios and make sure the onboard sound is enabled.

But you aare probably better to follow wotbus@ advice above and remove the card and software to reduce any chance of conflicts.

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