pc slows down

  redsusan 08:35 20 Nov 2005

when i first start my pc in the morning it runs great, as the hours tick by it gets real slow. is this normal? i have broadband.
windows xp pro.

  wee eddie 08:44 20 Nov 2005

Just the other day, I took my Advert and Pop-up blockers down to view a site of a useful but unsuitable nature.

After leaving the site, I for got to reinstate them and run the usual scans. I was rushing off to a game of Curling.

For the next couple of days I could not understand why everything was going so slowly. Then I remembered.

Blockers back up.

Scans run and Ad-ware deleted.

Surfing up to speed again.

  redsusan 08:54 20 Nov 2005

Thank's wee eddie, I run AV Ad-ware spybot and a-squared nearly every day, but the problem continues.

  Skyver 09:15 20 Nov 2005

When it gets slow right click the taskbar and select Task Manager - look at what processes are using the biggest percentage of CPU time. It's only a rudimentary indication but it would give more to go on.

  Cybermaxx 10:55 20 Nov 2005

You aren't a Tiscali customer by any chance, are you? I, and a number of other people (see other topics), have had a harrowing week of terribly slow web surfing. Especially at peak times. Seems okay now, though.......

  redsusan 11:06 20 Nov 2005

where do i find Task Manager?
No i'm with BT ,
I'm Pretty sure it's something i'm not doing right,
when i asked my local pc repair man he said it's your software , but that means nothing to me
Will appreciate any help,

  Skyver 11:19 20 Nov 2005

Press Ctrl Alt and Delete together once and it should appear.
Just to clarify, we are talking computer speed and not browsing/internet speed aren't we?

  Cybermaxx 11:37 20 Nov 2005

I assumed from the "I have broadband" statement, that it was to do with browsing........

  Skyver 11:50 20 Nov 2005

That makes sense, could mean either eh

  redsusan 13:22 20 Nov 2005

Dont know what's going on . it took an age to load this page , please help.

  Cybermaxx 13:41 20 Nov 2005

You could try running a few speed tests to see if your connection is up to scratch.

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