PC slowly dying

  Garawa 20:16 06 Sep 2009

Hi all. My PC is slowly dying. It has been getting gradually slower over the last 12 months and I feel it will soon stop. I have done the usual things but it has not made much difference. I then got a 1 and 4 light code saying my hard drive had failed but has worked ok since. Earlier today I had an Unmountable Boot Volume blue screen error which was ok when I restarted. What else can I do to keep it going other than what I have tried below and what else could it be? I have:

1. Ran 3 spyware and adware progs
2. Ran NIS 2009 and found no virus etc
3. Updated Windows XP from MS updater
4. Checked all drivers up to date
5. Deleted all junk files from TEMP and PREFETCH folders
6. Deleted all junk from the Disk Cleanup
7. Ran a defrag on my 60% full hard drive
8. Tidyied the desktop.

  Technotiger 20:20 06 Sep 2009

You did not mention the most important of all - Backed up all my important stuff!!

I would guess your drive is about to need replacing - Now, if not sooner.

  chub_tor 20:21 06 Sep 2009

Your hard drive is on its way out, the only thing that you can do is to get all your data off it as quickly as possible and replace it.

  Garawa 20:30 06 Sep 2009

Ouch! I take it during use is relatively ok as it doesn't have to do as much (even though things are slower).

What is the easiest way to get everything off, assuming I borrow an external hard-drive and I am able to log on later. Never had to do this before!

  Technotiger 20:34 06 Sep 2009

The easiest way would be to use Acronis True Image and Clone the hard drive direct to the external hard drive - then all you need to do is swap the drives over.

  Technotiger 20:36 06 Sep 2009

If you can do that - you should then have a regular routine of keeping Acronis Back-ups on an external hard drive.

  chub_tor 20:48 06 Sep 2009

Most non oem hard drives come with a disc that provides you with a cloning function so if you buy one then you have no need to buy Acronis True Image. If you get an OEM hard drive then you can use for example Maxtor/Seagate's Disc Wizard click here which is based on Acronis and can be downloaded for free.

In saying that I acknowledge Technotiger's point about having ATI as a stand alone programme. It really is excellent and does encourage you to make regular back ups. I wouldn't be without it.

  kevma 20:55 06 Sep 2009

If you replace your hardrive, would'nt you lose your operating system or can you move that over as well?

  Technotiger 20:59 06 Sep 2009

Cloning copies absolutely everything, without exception. It makes an exact duplicate of the original drive.

  Garawa 14:17 06 Nov 2009

New hard drive installed and (touching wood) issues have gone. So much faster, I cant imagine how long I have endured a dying HD.

Tried to copy over the data but it kept tripping up at certain points yet the Checkdisk etc said everything was fine. Even partition copies failed.

Copied what we could and did an install from the Dell recovery disc (which for reference was the whole OS!). It is just weird how long it went on for. Maybe I was lucky that it just didn't go there and then.

Thanks all.

  birdface 14:31 06 Nov 2009

Ran 3 spyware adware programs .Did you run Malwarebytes free.
Give the trial version of Winaso optimizer a try.
It will only repair 10 items at a time but you can run it as often as you like.
click here
It should run a bit quicker after using that.

I would also recommend this.click here

Once downloaded make sure ad-blocker is ticked and mini download manager is unticked.It should help you browse a bit quicker.
Make sure the air vents are not clogged up with dust or fluff if so inside will also need cleaning.
Have you got enough memory.How much do you have.

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