PC Slowing down

  diode 20:03 07 Nov 2005

I have a PC running win XP, i replaced the hard drive after a failure abouts 9 - 12 months ago. At that stage it appeared to run quite quickly. I have deleted temorary internet files, defagmented and have scanned and have no viruses, spyware or adware. Can anyone tell me why it appears to be running much slower now and is there any other solution than to re-install windows xp.

  diode 20:16 07 Nov 2005


  gudgulf 21:13 07 Nov 2005

How much RAM memory do you have......if over time you have installed a lot of programs which load at start up you might be running short or available RAM.

This means Windows will make extensive use of the much slower swap file and the net result is your computer will appear to be running slower.

  diode 21:40 07 Nov 2005

Is there a way of stopping these programs from starting up when the computer starts up? i'm not sure on the RAM Mem, the computer is about 5 years old but over the time it has had a new motherboard and hard drive as mentioned before.

  wobblymike 21:59 07 Nov 2005

Click Start, then Run and then type MSCONFIG into the box hit return the System Configuration Utility will open up - click the Start up tab (far right) and this will allow you to see which programmes are starting up with windows. Untick all those you don't need click apply and then restart your PC. When it comes back up to desktop click start, control panel and then double click the System icon This will tell you how much RAM you have. 256MB is bare minimum for XP and 512MB would be better.

  diode 22:11 07 Nov 2005

I have now done the MS Config and re started, i have checked the System and the Information given is a Intel Pentium Processor III, 652MHz and 248MB of RAM. How does that sound?

  Jaro 22:23 07 Nov 2005

not very good. its not one of the fast PC's . you can not expect it to be very fast. especaily with 248MB RAM and winXP. buy more memory would help. you need at last 512MB of RAM. U have probably installed more programs since upgrade thats why your PC slowed down.

  Jaro 22:25 07 Nov 2005

and you do what diode said you should disable startup programs you dont need.

  diode 22:26 07 Nov 2005

Your help seems to have solved my problems with a small increase in speed, ill mark this as resolved and save up for a new PC!

  Jaro 22:33 07 Nov 2005

it really depend on what you want to use your PS for... if its only internet and some office work you dont need to buy a new one right now. but for playing new games or aditing video you will really need a new one and before buy come back to ask for advice. here you find a lot of people who will help you to find the right one for you. cu

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