PC slow down over time

  gabber82 16:24 30 Mar 2007

Just wondering if anyone knows if a PC slows down over time?

A few months ago i upgraded my pc to a pentium d 945, gig of ram, 7600gt agp video card. at the time it dominated Dawn of War (only game i play and the reason for the upgrade) however, when i play now and things start getting frantic on screen, there's a noticable decrease in frame rate.

i close down all anti virus progs and anything in the tray etc when i play, what's going on? i don't want to have to upgrade AGAIN. how can i improve performance to what it originally was?

  provider 2 16:31 30 Mar 2007

Some possibilities for you to consider:click here

  delta36 21:07 30 Mar 2007

You could have spyware. Try downloading Ad-Aware click here . Or your RAM could be getting used up. Try downloading Free RAM XPPro. click here

  woodchip 21:37 30 Mar 2007

You need to give the Hard Drive a Good Clear out of Cookies and all the waffle. Check how much free Disc space there is, also Do a Defrag of the drive

  p;3 21:44 30 Mar 2007

'I close down all antivirus programs' how many have you got?

and I for one would NOT close my av program at ALL so wonder why you are?

  woodchip 21:48 30 Mar 2007

OK to Close AV as long as he stays of the net. then turns it back on when he as done with games

  p;3 21:52 30 Mar 2007

BUT; as stated in his first entry, how many av programs does he actually have on board to start with? hopefully only one but is it?

  woodchip 21:57 30 Mar 2007

If more than one, then he as got problems

  citadel 22:24 30 Mar 2007

2 gig of ram is better for gaming, this speeds up loadtimes and framerates. I leave everything running in the background.

  gabber82 12:50 31 Mar 2007

i've only 1 av program. i disable the network adapter when not online so the av is not needed. does 2 gig of ram really make a difference? would it be worth the money in anyone's opinion?

  p;3 12:57 31 Mar 2007

of interest, what other protection programs do you have on there and when were they all last fully unpdated and run?

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