PC shutting down Windows and ending programs

  absinthe_boy 19:59 08 Aug 2010

System summary: Motherboard foxconn k8m890 8237
Drivers all up to date, AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+, 2Gb RAM. Win XP Pro SP2.

Its been running nearly 3 years without problems. I upgraded the CPU about a year ago. No problems whatsoever until May 2010 - no hardware or software upgrades since January 2010.

Machine will happily run all day browsing the internet or running MS Office. However when I try something CPU/HD intensive such as watching HD video, rendering video files or playing a game strange things happen.

Most often the "program not responding" dialogue box comes up even though the program IS responding as usual. After a further few minutes the machine crashes with vertical blue stripes down the display. This is regardless of if I click "cancel" or let the program exit.

Sometimes Windows performs a shut down (as if I'd selected start-turn off).

Any ideas? Virus check via AVG and Avira show no problems. System was cleaned with SpyBot in late July 2010, only cookies found. CPU temperature hovers around 40 Centigrade. Have had a suggestion it may be the PSU failing - with voltage reduction causing the strange behaviour. Is there monitoring software to test this?

Thanks in advance for any help!

  rdave13 20:08 08 Aug 2010

First problem that comes to mind is running two antivirus programs.
PSU could be failing. Only way I found to test this is to buy a new one that can supply your graphics card etc easily.
Although your CPU temp shows 40 degrees, is this at idle? It could be overheating rapidly when being used intensively. Check inside the case for dust clumps and clean and also check cooling fans working correctly.

  absinthe_boy 20:29 08 Aug 2010

Just to clarify I have AVG on my system, the Avira AntiVir was the boot CD so its not on the system. I don't have two antivirus programs installed.

CPU seems to show 40 at all times, which makes me think I need to try a new CPU temperature monitor!

  rdave13 20:33 08 Aug 2010

I thought as much about the AVs but if not clarified in original posting then I'm not to know.
It's PSU or temp or possibly failing ram.

  birdface 20:37 08 Aug 2010

Try updating and running Malwarebytes free and see if that finds any problems.
Check device manager and make sure there are no yellow exclamation marks on there.

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