Pc Shutting down by itself

  Djpcex 02:47 04 Apr 2007

i dunno wat's going on... but i am having peculiar probs... that too because of my new pc.. i have windows xp2 installed, intel 975xbx,ati raedon 1950 pro, 1gb of ram....

the pc is shutting down by itself while i am working.. then i have to power it on again and then suddenly it goes off..... what may be the reason.... i don think power is the reason.. cause my ups works perfectly..... pls help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  €dstowe 06:25 04 Apr 2007

This is most likely due to overheating. Possibly caused by a failed or non-connected fan.

Even though the remedy may be very simple, if the machine is new, as you say, tell your supplier to fix it.

  Djpcex 15:24 04 Apr 2007

Atx cabinet having two fans and both r running and also i checked the processor fan which is also running good... and the temperatures are also normal likely

processor temp 49 c
internal temp 40C
remote temp 39C

i have desktop utilities which shows these temps and also the bios is also showing the same temp... after it shutsdown i checked the temps .. they r all the same.... so IT'S NOT OVERHEATING... then what may the prob??

i am running xp professional service pack 2....... my smps alone is 60$ it has that 8pin supply to motherboard that one..... first the pc was restarting sometimes and sometimes was shutting down..... and then i unchecked that check box which says "restart when error occurs" in startup nad recovery settings in my computer properties...... and restart stopped but the shut down thing is still persisting..... if the supply is wrong i have UPS for that matter.. and cpu overheating I HAVE TWO FANS.... do i need more fans????........ or what to do.... please help me out.... i have spent so much in assembling this pc.... pls help me out..... do i need to change smps???....

  €dstowe 16:42 04 Apr 2007

Your temperatures look OK.

Is there any report in the Event Viewer that might give an idea of what is happening?

  €dstowe 16:43 04 Apr 2007

As it is a new machine, you still ought to complain to the supplier about this behaviour.

  Jak_1 17:00 04 Apr 2007

Sounds like the PSU wattage is too low for the pc specs. As €dstowe says, as it is new you should contact the supplier.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:12 04 Apr 2007

Intermittent shutdown

1. overheat (take it back)
2. Psu voltages failing. (take it back)
3. virus or spyware (scan for virues and spyware with fully updated AV and AS programs

  Djpcex 07:36 05 May 2007

Still i am not able to solve the problem...........
If it is a psu problem, will it happen occasionally?,, sometimes it runs for 2 days without shutting down,sometimes it shuts down immediately after switch on my after a long time?......

It is not becoz of overheating too... cause i bought a new fan ..... i have 4 fans including the processor fan.....

i juz cant figure out.. pls help me.... why the hell is it shutting down.........??

It is not os issue too.. cause i have dual boot(xp and vista).. in both it is happening like that only............

  jay.p 13:10 05 May 2007

my friend had the same and i advised him to remove one of his memory sticks which turned out to be the cause. if you have two 512mb sticks try running with just one then t'other.

  Djpcex 13:57 06 May 2007

No thats not my case.....i have one 1gb ram!!!!

  jay.p 14:06 06 May 2007

could try it in a different slot and see if that helps.

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