Pc Shutting Down

  swanny2 16:37 12 Aug 2006

My pc seems too shut down for no apperent reason/
This morning i was surfing the web and it just shut down. Now i did this for a while now it seems,too be ok,,For now!!
Any ideas any1 please.
Swanny :O¬~~~

  ArrGee 16:50 12 Aug 2006

Try starting up in Safe Mode, and run anti-virus as well as spyware applications.

  swanny2 22:30 12 Aug 2006

ye i tryed that mate but when i went onto safe mode,the icons where too big ,an i cudnt see what i wanted too. i tryed alter resolution but it stayed the same. i managed too run adaware.an cc cleaner ,that was all .
It hasnt shutt down as yet an ive restarted 3 times.
Swanny :O)¬~~~~

  terryf 22:36 12 Aug 2006

You will find that the icons are big in safe mode because this mode is minimalist and the display resolution has deliberately been reset to the minimum that your display will give and doesn't use drivers.

  p;3 23:05 12 Aug 2006

how do you mean "it just shut down"? and what windows version is it and is it desk top or lap top?

also, what antivirus protection do you have on it , what other protection programs and are you on dial up or broad band?

  rdave13 01:30 13 Aug 2006

Download this and install click here

  rdave13 01:37 13 Aug 2006

Run sisoftware sandra light, get rid of "tips". Click tools tab>>>enviroment monitor>>will give you temps monitor; fan speeds and voltages. If heat is the problem then the case must be removed and also the dust.

  swanny2 09:53 13 Aug 2006

its wondows xp media centre m8. desktop .im running Ntl antivirus.im on Broadband .

  swanny2 10:22 13 Aug 2006

ok Rdave i ran that an heres what i got
Board temp 29c
cpu temp 46c
power aux temp 21c
power aux fan speed 4327rpm
cou voltage 1.76
ive no idea what al that is .whether it s ok or not.
but tx .

  rdave13 14:10 13 Aug 2006

Temps seem fine. Check your ram cards with memtest click here

  swanny2 18:49 13 Aug 2006

sorry mate i tryed download that,an it needs too be installed from a floppy..Ive no idea mate so i deleted it.. Came with some media player as well .lol. . too risky for me ,,When i aint a clue.
ty anyway

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