PC shuts down time after time. Advice needed. PLZ

  bullys 10:24 28 Aug 2003

Have a AMD XP 1500
40 gig
G4 Ti 4200
256 DDR 333
Gigabyte GA-7VR M-Board

Had the Blaster Virus. Thats sorted . 2 days Later Power to PC Failed. Replaced Power Supply it no works But.....

It shuts down. Thats it. No warning nothing, When i have the PC on its side i can get as far as the Windows Log on screen then when i enter pass it shuts down. When i have the PC Upwards it shuts down after spec boot.

I did manage to get to fully boot and first thing was to run System scan. No ;luck it shiut down again. I then thought i better run Anti Virus but whilst in scan mode 2 mins into it it shut down.

Im stuck now what ever i have tried to do its not worked. I also DL stinger from NAI's website and that just gets half way thru its scan and it shuts.

I have tried other Power Supplies. I have rebooted with min stuff in PC i.e i stick of mem, No CD rw .

Need help on this .

Thanks for reading .

  abe300 18:03 28 Aug 2003

I have very the same problem. Mine started the same way and finally got to the point it would reboot almost imediately. hard drive was corrupted so i tried to reformat it in my other pc and it has been down ever since. I was able to reformat the hdd with a maxtor install disk and reloaded windows xp on my computer from cd rom by changing setup order of boot from floppy to cd rom and then hdd/i lost all data on hdd but my pc is up/I am still looking for solution to problem other than reformat because other pc has 2 drives corrupted and i dont want to lose info. So i hope we find solution

  alan 2273 18:17 28 Aug 2003

What OS are you using

  Gaz 25 18:26 28 Aug 2003

It could even be a hardware driver problem/.

  bullys 19:50 28 Aug 2003

Im thinkin now it could be a heat problem. Im going into the Bios to amend the the Temp in the bios. That may be causing a problem. STill all help here would be great.


  dazadude 14:46 29 Aug 2003

Can you boot up with a floppy or boot into the BIOS settings screen and leave it there without it shutting down? If so then that eliminates the hardware, if not then it indicates a hardware fault.

click here for a similar thread which although it isn't resolved has some things mentioned that you could try.

  Neo_0147 15:16 29 Aug 2003

go to my computer, right click on it and click on properties then go to advanced tab and go to settings under startup and recovery and untick automatically restart. This automatically restarts the computer when it crashes so if its unticked then it wont restart. Just a thought though.

  bullys 15:23 29 Aug 2003

I can get into the Bios and stay there all day the PC wil NOT shut down. I'm begginig to think i might have to FDisk and start again.

Its not a Harware problem if i can saty in the Bios coz the rate the PC's going it like s to shut down as it hits WINDOWS XP screen

I have also Turned off the Temp in the bios and it works so farthat when i do get to log on i get loads of error screen and problems with all types of software, .

Im lost know and the weekends coming. I cant sit in with the wife for another week .

  dazadude 21:18 30 Aug 2003

it's always the software!

I consider myself more a hardware person and that's eliminated now, so unless there are some forthcoming solutions to fixing XP then like you say - fdisk and reinstall :(

  harry_b 22:33 30 Aug 2003

I had one similar to this today, look in the event viewer for errors, mine showed plenty of "hard drive not ready" messages, changed the hard drive and now seems ok (fingers crossed)

  hugh-265156 23:20 30 Aug 2003

as Neo_0147 says above,unticking the auto restart box will throw up an error instead of restarting,hopefully pointing to the problem.you will of course have to get into windows first to do this.

tap F8 or F5 as the computer starts and select "last known good config" and see if it boots up ok.

if that doesnt work select"safe mode".if you can boot to safe mode and if it does not restart or crash when running in safe mode then it will be more than likely software or drivers causing the problem.

once in safe mode,you may want to try placing the windows disc in the drive and click start/run and type sfc /scannow,this will search for and replace any missing windows system files.if xp came pre installed you dont need to have an xp disc,just type sfc /scannow into run.

update your motherboard drivers click here or click here for the latest ones.

update your graphics card driver click here

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