PC Shuts down at 'Random'

  SeanUK 16:45 18 Jan 2008

Hello Guys/Girls,

I've been having trouble with my PC system for a while now, and it's getting worse as time goes on. Basically, the PC will SHUT DOWN whenever it's asked to do any real work (e.g, burn a DVD, run a game, etc)

Games now cause it to shut down upon launch (or very near), and it was running these fine for 8 months or so. Isn't a 'spec' problem.

I'm buying a new system soon anyway, but wondered if anybody knew what kind of fault this is?

PSU, or CPU problems are the most likely candidate.. as there's only ever a problem during 'intensive' activity. Hoping to avoid the same problem in the future!

Thanks for any advice you can offer :)

  SANTOS7 16:51 18 Jan 2008

I would plump for PSU issue it is more likely to fail than the CPU, so when you buy your new PC knowing if you have a PSU that is man enough for the job may help...

  Blitzer 12:24 19 Jan 2008

Personally I would think you are on the right track, but rather than the CPU itself being at fault perhaps the fan on it is starting to perform poorly due to wear and tear? Certainly worth taking the side panel off your case and with the pc running ensure the fan is spinning properly. Would not be a bad idea to carefully remove any dust from the heatsink and fan as this will naturally hinder airflow.

Replacing the CPU fan particularly if it is OEM with something more substantial would not be a bad move and relatively cheap.

Like you suggest it could also be the PSU starting to fail. A simple way to prove this would be to swap it with a known good one if you have a spare or someone willing to lend you theirs. Like the CPU fan it's advisable to replace the PSU with a good quality item rather than something cheap and cheerful. You may be able to buy a 800watt PSU for £15 but I'd sooner pay twice as much for half the power and know it's of high quality.

Hope this helps.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:48 19 Jan 2008

1. Make sure its not overheating when working hard, clean vents and grills, clean heatsink and fan blades.

2. If above doesn't cure it then most likely a PSU problem.

  Esso43 18:47 19 Jan 2008

Having just been through this (see the Vista forum).

Things I checked for included

1. not enough power - change the psu
2. too much heat change the fans
3. check your drivers including the motehrbaord BIOS. (this was the one that worked for me)
4. is the ram still working correctly

Mine was a new system so I new the PSU was up to it and teh supplier was very helpful. It was also one of teh coolest machines so we ended up checking hardware was functioning. But of course teh drivers was the first thing given it was a Vista machine.

The BIOS update was actually one of the last things tried and in theory it should not have been a problem but ..............

  LJG7777 22:54 19 Jan 2008

This was happening to mine recently so I had our contract support guys look at it at work. They said it could mainly be due to overheating and said that based on the age of the pc that I would need a new one and tried to sell me one there and then!

I then asked one of the workers (not one of the bosses) and he said to position a desktop fan near the rear of the machine (or near any open vent) and put it on when you have been on it for a while. He said this is what he does with his!

Worked a treat for me and haven't had a problem since. Of course it may just be a coincidence but it keeps my small office nice and cool now as well!

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