PC shuts down after about 30secs is it a no go?

  Sparkly 12:20 24 Aug 2009

Hi all i have been given a packard bell imedia mc 1539 desktop that has stopped working and i have tried everything to see if it will start and keep running,everytime i switch it on you can hear the post signal and it hands over to the OS XP Home as the OS loads it gets to the welcome then just shuts down when i restart it goes to the start windows normaly, safe mode, safe mode with networking etc i have choosen each in turn and as soon as the OS starts to load it just shuts down i would say on average it will run for no longer than 30secs.
I have tried a replacement PSU no difference.
Replaced the memory one stick at a time.
Reseated the graphics card.
And tried a nother H/D that works all with the same outcome.
XP Home, Seagate Barracuda 80gig Sata H/D, 1 gig ram Intel P4. I can get into the bios but befor i can get to see anything or change the boot order it shuts down. When i press F3 as it starts it take me to "Open disc drive" option but tells me System disc error put cd in to boot i have done this and the windows disc starts to load but again it shuts down. Anyone have any thoughts on this or am i just wasteing my time on is it officialy kaput. Thanks in advance.

  VoG II 12:39 24 Aug 2009

Is the CPU fan running?

  Sparkly 12:41 24 Aug 2009

Hi VoG™ yes the works fine and also the fan on the PSU.

  Chrissib 12:43 24 Aug 2009

sounds like something may be overheating and crashing. Does the display and power shut off or is it just locking up, and screen freezing?

  Sparkly 12:55 24 Aug 2009

Hi Chrissib yes it is a complete shut off no freezing just as if the plug had been pulled on it thanks.

  Taff™ 12:59 24 Aug 2009

Try booting from a Linux Distro and see if the same happens. This could just be a corruption of the XP File system

  cream. 13:09 24 Aug 2009

jumpers are in the right position click here

and take off all front panel connectors except for the power switch, make sure it's the power that's connected and not the reset wiresclick here

  Sparkly 13:12 24 Aug 2009

Thanks Taff™ thats another option allthough never used Linux.
Hi cream. thanks will check these out.
Thanks all

  woodchip 13:29 24 Aug 2009

jumper should be okay if its not been touched, You say CPU Fan working okay, what about muck in the heatsink fins under it. If its not that, a Driver can do it, as can Memory or Corrupt Windows files or a corrupt drive

  wee eddie 15:01 24 Aug 2009

My first thought was "Overheating" but with it happening so quickly, a slightly different aspect emerges.

Are the Cooling Fins still adequately attached/connected to the Processor.

Perhaps a little fresh Arctic Silver between the two might help.

  Sparkly 15:04 24 Aug 2009

Hi woodchip the fan and the fins all look clear just gave them a blast of compressed air just in case what driver are you thinking it could be? I must have a look around see what memory i can find lurking around.

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