PC Shuts down

  Ian Clark 16:01 06 Apr 2008


At random intervals (sometimes dont happen) my PC switches off like the power has been cut. Start it again and everything works (windows safe mode? no thanks). Until the next time it dies? at a random interval!

When running everything appears fine. It really is like the power has been switched off - instant shut down.

What should I be checking?



  kindly 16:07 06 Apr 2008

Sounds a bit like overheating. Does it have good venting and is your fans working inside the comp ok. Also i would do a scan for spyware and virus's.
Sorry i got no other advice but sure someone will be here to give you better than me hopefully.

  Ian Clark 16:11 06 Apr 2008

i thought heat, so moved pc, cleaned grills

its not overheating, as sometimes runs for hours (all day) no problem

then today, shuts down after 20 mins

Thanks for reply

  kindly 16:15 06 Apr 2008

Open your task manager and see if anything is running in background and using up resorses. To do this Right click on bar across bottom of screen and click on task manager. Then on Proccesers. You can see what % of processor power is being used on each program running. You can also stop them from there.

  Ian Clark 16:33 06 Apr 2008

I dont see anything taking up masses of resource other than what im using?

(COD 4)

ll other stuff uses very little. I have 3G of RAM,and mem is 62% used when my game is running

  Technotiger 16:36 06 Apr 2008

It could be that your PSU is about to die. Have you added any new hardware lately, perhaps you need a more powerful PSU to cope.

  Ian Clark 16:43 06 Apr 2008

PSU is rated way higher than i require - made sure of that when purchased last year ?

Thanks for reply

  Technotiger 16:47 06 Apr 2008

Have you tried any reg-cleaners, perhaps click here also make sure all connections internal and external are fully seated - I saw a similar case recently where all it was, was a ribbon cable not fully seated.

  Tj_El 17:13 06 Apr 2008

Hi Ian Clark,

I agree with what kindly & Technotiger have been saying. The PC will shut down to prevent damage to it. I came across this a few years ago while trying to fix a PC for a friend.
Turned out that CPU wasn't properly seated and had insufficient heatsink applied. I spent 4 weeks on the pc and you can imagine the thoughts going through my head when I uncovered the cause!!!! :-)

  Ian Clark 10:39 07 Apr 2008

I will look at the seating of all components and cables


  Ditch999 11:08 07 Apr 2008

Check the temperature of it by running HWMonitor from CPUID click here This will tell you whether or not you have a temp problem.

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