PC shut down under load

  3300bhp 20:33 08 Feb 2011

Hi there,

I am not certain if it is a heat problem but when playing demanding games my PC will every now and again shut down and restart.

I have a i7 950 overclocked to 4ghz per core and 2 GTX 470 in sli

The maximum temp I have had on the cores is 73 degrees c and on the cards 93 degrees c. What would be a safe running temp for an i7 and is 73 degrees too hot? The system is liquid cooled

  GaT7 22:27 08 Feb 2011

If you ask me 73° isn't too bad, but let's see if we can bring it down a little. If you have over-volted the CPU, try lowering the voltage just a touch. It might still be stable on a slightly lower voltage, & the good side-effect is usually lower temps.

It wouldn't hurt to keep the GPUs a little cooler too, so adjust their fans so they kick in sooner &/or spin faster. You may get a little more noise, but at least they may not shut down as often. G

  woodchip 22:43 08 Feb 2011

I was reading other day that Intel i7 had stopped shipping due i presume to be a fault in the chip

I think its bottom left of page click here for i5 and i7

also click here

Check this out about overclocking click here There is lots more on Google

  GaT7 22:50 08 Feb 2011

Only the latest Sandy Bridge CPUs are affected woodchip - nothing to do with the older gen i7s like 3300bhp is using.

He also seems to have a problem only when 'playing demanding games'. The guy in the link has far more serious problems & he can no longer boot. G

  3300bhp 07:12 09 Feb 2011

I didn't overclock the PC - I bought it already overclocked, I am a novice when it comes to voltages and fan speeds. I hear the cooling fans speed up and then the PC restarts, it I am quick enough I can stop the game on pause and it won't shut down - is there a thread or website I can look at to try and tweak the PC?

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