pc shut down

  barcher 18:19 29 Apr 2008

PLEASE can anyone explain why my pc desktop shuts down after a few minutes with or without internet running or a game, or after just a few hrs of playing or browsing

2gb ram xp home sp2 amd4400+dual 250g hdd sata 700watts power 256mb nvidia 6600gt graphics

  RobCharles1981 18:25 29 Apr 2008

Use the "Search Forum" Tool at the top you will be amazed on what you find!

  Technotiger 18:30 29 Apr 2008

Hi, two reasons pc's shut down in that way are usually attributed to either over-heating, or failing PSU.

Overheating often caused by a build-up of dust and fluff inside the case, with fans and grills clogged.
A good interior clean-up will often solve that problem.

The PSU, even new ones, can and do fail for no apparent reason - sometimes failure is sudden, but at other times the failure can be slow/intermittent.

So this is where you should start to try and solve the problem.

  barcher 19:01 29 Apr 2008

Thanks for the replies folks brand new two wk old psu and definately no dust !! any other reasons ? thanks

  Technotiger 19:24 29 Apr 2008

Hmmm, can only suggest that you double check ALL physical connections inside and outside of the PC. Especially mobo-to-drives ribbon cables, which can become slightly dislodged - so don't just look at them, give each a bit of a push.

Also check RAM and PCI cards are ALL firmly seated in their slots.

Failing that I don't know off-hand what else to suggest.

  barcher 10:19 30 Apr 2008

Hi Techno

Thanks for the advice will check and get back to you if this idea fails

  Terry Brown 10:37 30 Apr 2008

You say you replaced the CPU 2 weeks ago, is the voltage setting correct (i.e. too high-(e.g. have you overclocked it?)- Check Bios), Does it need a bios update to enable the motherboard to run with the new chip?, or it could be the chip is faulty, and needs to be tested by an engineer or returned to the supplier as faulty

  barcher 11:53 30 Apr 2008

Hi terry
ok how do you check the voltage and how would i update the bios ?
it seems to be only since i replaced the psu that she shuts down !

  AdeJ 11:55 30 Apr 2008

Just to clarify - the PC actually initiates a windows shut down or just crashes/bluescreens/powers off?

  Ditch999 12:03 30 Apr 2008

Check your temperatures. Download HWMonitor click here (make sure you select the right version for 32 or 64 bit) and let it run while you do some work on the PC. Keep checking the temp readings

  barcher 12:13 30 Apr 2008

Hi Adej
yes it actually fires up no blue screen just dies then i can restart it with having to wait for it to cool or any thing

I would do it if the thing would stay on long enough bud


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