PC `sex virus` fears.

  bluto1 11:00 31 Jan 2006

The title is a copy of an article in today`s Sun.
It warns of a (possible) Kama Sutra virus, according to experts. It apparently spreads through e-mails offering sexual images and is also known as Blackworm, MyWife or Nyxem-D and is programmed to wake up on Friday. Hopefully, if true we will all update our anti virus software and delete without opening if we should be visited by such offers.
Sorry I couldn`t replicate the original article, I don`t know how to.

  spuds 12:40 31 Jan 2006

Similar click here

  Forum Editor 12:52 31 Jan 2006

to spread panic amongst the populace. Having said that - thanks for the warning.

Provided everyone exercises commonsense,and doesn't open mail with enticing subject lines we should all be OK.

Which is a triumph of hope over experience, if ever I wrote one.

  Thalmus 12:56 31 Jan 2006

This is the virus you are talking about click here

As long as your anti virus is up to date and running you will have no problems

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:41 31 Jan 2006

It is funny that all the other security companies do not describe it as the Sun does. This is one of many reasons that I would never touch that 'newspaper'. Hans Christian Andersen was more accurate.


  Quickbeam 13:53 31 Jan 2006

Just get checked up at the local STD clinic!!!

  ade.h 14:49 31 Jan 2006

"Which is a triumph of hope over experience..."

LOL! Totally agree; it's too much to hope for isn't it? Otherwise the AV industry would not be so successful.

  bluto1 15:10 31 Jan 2006

FE said it all

  Dellman 15:20 31 Jan 2006

Are not cond*ms a good form of protection for these types of virus?!!!!!


  Sethhaniel 09:28 01 Feb 2006

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