PC screen error

  amanda-1619170 19:53 22 Sep 2010

I can't turn the desk top on, well I can but the screen displays the following message VGA Input. No input Signal and then turns itself off, but the PC is still on, if that makes sense.

I have borrowed dh's laptop as he is out tonight but this is a big problem for me if I can't get the machine to come on as I need it for work as well.

Is it an easy fix that I can do myself or do I need to call the PC repair man in the morning.

I tried tightening all the bits and pieces at the back which didn't make any difference, it was working perfectly okay last night.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

  birdface 20:07 22 Sep 2010

Does it work in safe mode.
Just keep tapping F8 as the computer starts.
Take the monitor cable from the computer and plug it into the laptop and see if it works.
If so it could be your monitor needs renewing.

  amanda-1619170 20:10 22 Sep 2010

How do i use safemode?

The screen would not display anything other than the message above then it told me it was going to sleep.

I will try the f8 button.

  birdface 20:13 22 Sep 2010

Or I suppose it could be a graphic card problem.
best waiting until someone else can help.
Obvious if wording comes up on the screen it will not be anything to do with that.
graphics card is the most probable cause.

  amanda-1619170 20:15 22 Sep 2010

ok thank you

  amanda-1619170 19:42 23 Sep 2010

Last night it eventually worked but I have been trying for an hour to turn it on tonight and am having same issue. I have tightened all wire fixings etc pressed F8 and no joy.

I don't understand why it came on eventually last night and tonight is playing up again.

  birdface 20:06 23 Sep 2010

You have to keep tapping F8 as the computer starts to get into safe mode.
If that does not work try F5.

If it works ok in safe mode it is probably a driver needing updated or maybe a new graphics card.
I am sure someone will be able to give you the proper advice.

Safe mode you could try Last good configuration or a system restore to see if any of those would help.

  amanda-1619170 20:13 23 Sep 2010

okay thanks I did repeatedly press f8 over and over for about two minutes. I will try F5 too.

  rdave13 20:25 23 Sep 2010

When it worked last night did you notice any corruption on the graphics? Any faint dotted squares or colours not quite right? Artifacts or textures not quite right? If so then I'd go with the graphics card failing.

  robin_x 22:35 23 Sep 2010

I get dot, strange colour tints, artefacts and dodgy textures on my old desktop lcd screen.

Or an almost black/grey screen.

Squeezing front to back with four fingers and palm of my hand a few times cures it for many hours.
I'll open it up sometime and check for dodgy jointts/capacitors. It's 6 years old.

And it IS definitely the screen for me.
Only one VGA connector to check at desktop.

However my brother just gave me an old working screen. It has VGA cable with connector at both ends.

So check if you have a connector at the back of the screen (maybe partly hidden)

Check none of the pins are bent/broken in the connectors. Try another screen if you can borrow one.

  amanda-1619170 22:46 23 Sep 2010

No I didn't notice that, but the colours on the screen have always been over bright and if someone writes in red for example I can't read it.

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