pc scan from china

  johnnyrocker 16:09 09 Dec 2010

i get regularly ( up to 6 or more times a day) my sygate firewall notifying me of an intruder scanning my pc etc, is it dangerous? what would you guys recccommend?


  GaT7 16:35 09 Dec 2010

I would suggest ignoring it.

In the past I used a Norton firewall, which would often give off these kinds of alerts. This only made me paranoid & obsessive, trying to find out who it was & what was likely to happen.

However, for the last 5-6 years I've used Windows own firewall only & have had no problem whatsoever. Enjoying one's computing experience is worth much more than worrying about these things, most of which are harmless anyway. G

  johnnyrocker 16:47 09 Dec 2010

many thanks


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