PC runs very slowly after startup.

  SteevScotland 15:35 01 Jul 2003

After I startup my PC and to a lesser extent after a restart my PC runs very slowly for the first couple of minutes.

After my pc starts and all the startup programs ect.. have loaded my PC still funs slowly for a while. For example if you open internet explorer you would have to wait about 30 seconds for it to load and a further 30seconds for the connection box to appear.

Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this?

Cheers S

  Philip2 16:56 01 Jul 2003

When did you last defrag your hard drive??

  SteevScotland 00:09 02 Jul 2003

That was my first thought. I defragged yesterday. The problem is still there.

Cheers S

  Bebee 07:59 02 Jul 2003

Try uninstalling Connection Box - it doesn't do anything useful anyway.

  BillEmm 11:14 02 Jul 2003

Your symptom is familiar but there could be umpteen reasons for this to occur.

Maybe if you were to include some specifics about your system we might be in a better position to help.

PC config? OS and level? IE version? Etc..


  SteevScotland 19:16 02 Jul 2003

Bebee. Connection Box whats that?

BillEmm. My PC is home built. 2100XP Athlon processor, 512MB RAM, 120GB hard disk, Windows XP (with SP1 installed), IE version 6.0.2.
At startup I have Norton firewall and systemworks running. As well as c-media mixer,my modem status icon and the Stasus for my HP printer and the regular junk that windows has in the startup as default.

Cheers S

  AMD 4 ever 19:25 02 Jul 2003

Try running sfc, this should kick it back into life. also use msconfig to disbale non required startup items.

  SteevScotland 19:27 02 Jul 2003

dont want to sound stupid but whats sfc?

Cheers S

  so3003 19:32 02 Jul 2003

You've probably got a load of junk running in the background that's effectively invisible - also, are there any virus scanners automatically scanning X% of hard disk each time you startup?

  thms 19:34 02 Jul 2003

Go to 'start' then 'run'

Type: sfc /scannow (space between c and /)

Have your xp disk ready. Your computer will scan for missing files.

  SteevScotland 19:38 02 Jul 2003

so3003. I have norton antivirus running. Not sure if it scans any of the HD on startup. Will check though.

thms. Im just going to look for my XP CD.

Cheers S

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