PC runs so hot it crashes continually

  BeesFan 07:07 21 Oct 2005

My girlfriends PC has this long running problem whereby it runs so hot it eventually reboots and/or locks up.

I do know all the rules about adequate ventilation etc, but this happens even with a whopping new chipset cooler fitted, the case sides removed and the base unit sitting in the middle of the floor with nothing around it.

We must have replaced 5 PSUs this year, tried several surge protectors and are now at a total and utter loss.

Is there something on the PC that could cause it to draw too much power and cause this? ie bad gfx card etc??

Ive managed to fix numerous PC woes in my time but this one is just unfathomable

Thx in advance

  ICF 08:07 21 Oct 2005

Is CPU heatsink fitted corectly?

  €dstowe 08:19 21 Oct 2005

Cooling is most effective with the covers in place. Without the covers, ther airflow over components is incorrect and inefficient.

After checking that all the fans are working correctly (CPU, PSU and all case fans) try operating the machine with the covers in place.

  gudgulf 09:37 21 Oct 2005

Something else that could cause such lockups would be faulty memory.It might be nothing to do with heat.

Try running Everest Home edition click here which will give you loads of information including the cpu/motherboard running temperatures.

And try running memtest click here to check your memory.Simply removing and reseating memory sticks can "cure" a number of memory related problems.....so is worth doing.

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