PC running very slowly - memory problem?

  Graham ® 13:07 27 Jul 2006

Friend trying to install Talk Talk. It reports 'Insufficient memory, 119MB, requires 128MB'.

Belarc Advisor reports 128MB.

But - the comp. is running very slowly. Is the memory faulty? Cannot get online with it at the moment to download Memtest 86, will have to load it from CD.

In the meantime, does this sound like a memory problem?

  mattyc_92 13:12 27 Jul 2006

Companies reconise 1MB as 1000KB, which infact there are 1024KB in a megabyte and 1024MB in one gigabyte.

They do this as it is easier to work out the space of a RAM chip, Hard-Disc, etc...

If Windows reconises that it is a "128MB" chip, then any other Windows-Based program SHOULD reconise the RAM as 128MB
What does Windows reconise the RAM as?

  Graham ® 13:14 27 Jul 2006


  Graham ® 13:15 27 Jul 2006

I wondered if 9MB of it were faulty.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:16 27 Jul 2006

Could be that some of the RAM is being shared with graphics and so is showing at the figure quoted.

  ed-0 13:16 27 Jul 2006

On board VGA chip of 8Mb?

Or does it have a separate graphics card?

  ed-0 13:16 27 Jul 2006


  Graham ® 13:23 27 Jul 2006

Thanks, that would explain it. I can't confirm at the moment as I'm back home. But - Talk Talk CD gives minimum requirements as 16MB on the cover.

Surely this 'missing memory' is going to be a problem for many people?

  ed-0 13:53 27 Jul 2006

thats certainly being stingy over a few Mb's. click here

  Graham ® 14:30 27 Jul 2006

I agree. But the installation won't proceed as it has failed the test.

  Gongoozler 14:59 27 Jul 2006

Graham ®, if you're using XP, 128M isn't really enough memory anyway. I would recommend at least 256M, and preferably 512 or more.

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