PC running so slow. Tried everything!!

  Stressed Mum 10:30 09 Jul 2008

Kids PC running so slow. Three users. XP Dell dimentsion with extended memory. (Can't remember what) Been following a thread very useful from Fruit Bat/\o/\. Tried all he suggested from start up, sfc /scannow, ccleaner, spybot, even customised virual memory. (Not sure I should have done that as I am sure what size this is) Still getting eorrs about virtual memory to increase paging file. Errors with printing communicating - wrong port apparantly! Also got an error about clearing DNS Cache ?? System very very slow - switching between users takes up to 5 minutes. Start up takes 5 minutes, shut down several minutes. Opening programes, even just Word, takes forever. Kids so frustrated - cant open homework documents in a hurry - or print them off because of this communication problem. I've had enough - where to go? Have been here before with my PC and ended up having to reinstall XP - not nice! One question that could probably be answered straight away is.. we have AVG running and it appears to run on individual users. Can this be changed to run on the whole PC as soon as one user logs in? Also, when running ccleaner etc, do I have to do this for each user?? Surely something can be done?? Anyone got enough patience to help me ... again!! ... Thanks. SM:(

  hiwatt 10:42 09 Jul 2008

Have you tried running your anti virus/spyware programs incase there's anything lurking?Download and run this click here free version also have you got a defrag program installed?

  Stressed Mum 10:53 09 Jul 2008

Run AVG every day when a users logs in - but not sure whether this is JUST for that user or all users. Have already run Ad-aware, Spyblaster and a few more. Now just trying the one you linked me to. Do these prgrammes scan the 'whole' PC or just users discs and folders?

  brundle 10:59 09 Jul 2008

Forget all the scans and tweaks, you need to find out what process is creating the slow-down, then use the appropriate steps to remove or fix it.

Open Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del, or right click in the Taskbar and select Task Manager), which process is using the highest percentage of CPU time - click on the CPU heading to sort the list.

  birdface 11:01 09 Jul 2008

Clear DNS Cache.Command Prompt.Type in ipconfig /flushdns and press enter,a little gap between ipconfig and forward slash or it will not work.It should then tell you Cache cleared.

  Stressed Mum 11:02 09 Jul 2008

Hi brundle! Thanks - but done that one several times already - nothing holding it up at all. Idle process is around 90-98 usually but the moment antispyware using around 50.

  Stressed Mum 11:09 09 Jul 2008

well, when I followed the instructions - got the menu needed - nothing in there - so I put in Intial 1028 Max 1586. Paging min allowed 2MB Recommended 957MB, allocated 1028MB. ??? Don't have a good feeling about this one!

  Stressed Mum 11:13 09 Jul 2008

ipconfig /flushdns Done this as suggested - got no message at all - just flashed up a black box and flashed away again.

hard disk for file & disk errors: Can't follow this - don't get those options on right click.

defragment the drive - regularly every Friday!

Have run CHKDSK if this is the same?

  birdface 11:17 09 Jul 2008

System idle process should be showing about 97% this is normal.Do you mean anti-virus.if anti-spyware did you start it yourself. What anti-spyware do you use.

  ronalddonald 11:21 09 Jul 2008

much ram do you have in the computer if its 2gb great. If your, one of the computer users then only your account should have all the cleaning and anti virus programs.

From hee you can run the cleaning programs onece a week or daily.

Also when you downlaod stuff like anti virus, down load the software onto a pen drive and from there onto the computer.

Some users using avg have complained that the scanner takes to long and have disabled it.

Get rid of programs you dont use, check your childrens accounts to see what they do use and dont use.

Children may love to downlaod loads of stuff but sometimes they may go ott with music files limit how much they can dowlad in these areas.

What kind of processor does it have, and are you using dial up net or broadband.

Another things with files that children have get them to use a pen drive rather than the hardrive. The less on the harddrive the more quicker it should run thats what i do at present.

now i know getting indvidual pen drives might be no no becasue of squabbles and who gets to use it etc.

Anyway i hope this can help in some way.

  brundle 11:22 09 Jul 2008

"Start up takes 5 minutes, shut down several minutes."

Manufacturer's diagnostics needed

FInd out what drive make in the PC with this click here

Get diagnostics from appropriate manufacturer. Burn to CD or write to floppy, boot from it.

click here
click here

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