PC running slow, any ideas??

  astra46 15:32 20 May 2007

Ive done a disk defrag, and a spyware scan, deleted temp files, but my pc still runs slow when on the net.

Athalon 2400xp
512 Meg
80gb HD

Any ideas?

  theDarkness 15:42 20 May 2007

have you installed or updated any programs recently, even if they are not strictly internet related?

  astra46 15:51 20 May 2007

Yes always upgrade AVG, Adaware, Spybot, and the microsoft downloads.

  birdface 20:10 20 May 2007

Try Task Manager to see if there is anything running that should not be.Right click bottom Taskbar ,Task Manager.

  si_l 21:54 20 May 2007

If its running slow on the net only, I would say it is not a hard drive problem so de-fragging isnt the answer, and I dont think you have spyware/malware. Which ISP are you with and what modem are you using?

  astra46 22:19 21 May 2007

Im with Pipex and using a Speedtouch 330 modem

  postie 12:01 22 May 2007

I found that D/L IObit Advanced Windowcare slowed my computer right down so removed it and reported to the company and my computer went back to normal speed


  Totally-braindead 12:17 22 May 2007

PC running slow, any ideas??

Yes pedal faster.

Only joking. Reading what you are saying am I correct in saying that the actual computer runs fast enough, opening documents/programs etc and the only slow down you are experiencing is the internet?

If thats correct then the first thing I would do is run a speedtest on your internet connection, it might be theres absolutly nothing wrong with your computer and its just your internet connection that has slowed. Try this first as you can waste a lot of time looking for a fault on your computer only to find there isn't one.

Only other thing that I can think of is one of the programs you have running when on the net is slowing it down. What firewall and antivirus programs do you have running on your PC?

  si_l 15:51 23 May 2007

click here

Here is a good place to speed test your pc, it will show you the regional averages against your PC.

  Marko797 16:30 23 May 2007

Agree with Totally...could be other apps running such as virus scan or something...I use AVG and when scanning takes up much resource. As suggested, check ur task manager & see where resources are being gobbled up, n click the performance tab too to show it graphically.

Additionally could be ur ISP...some days mine is faster than others. U don't say however if this is all the time or just at certain periods.

  cooki8c 12:39 29 May 2007

can anyone tell me why I have no System restore my computer tells me my system restore is switched off but when I check thee is no tick in the switch off box and I cant reset mt computer back to an earlier date


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