pc running slow

  crahnn 14:14 29 May 2012

hi all, my pc is running real slow, got no viruses, no spyware or malware i run like 5 different programs to check, RAM is fine, all files are cleaned up and disk is defragged, but the hard drive makes a hell of a noise, and the processor light is almost constant, keep getting a message popping up from norton "high cpu usage" machine is really slow doing everything and CPU is at 100% almost constantly, had trouble with viruses in the past and did a clean install twice without fully formatting the HDD, any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  lotvic 14:44 29 May 2012

Some more info is needed please:

"clean install twice without fully formatting the HDD" err.. how did you manage that?

"i run like 5 different programs to check" What are they and are any running in 'Real Time'?

"RAM is fine" How much RAM do you have installed?

What O/S have you got? (W7, Vista, XP?)

Have you looked in 'Task Manager' to see which programs are using the CPU?

What is the Make and Model of your pc? and is it partitioned?

  crahnn 15:08 29 May 2012

ok i got xp installed, 2gb RAM, make and model im not sure of,the clean installs what i meant was i installed the os from disk without manually formatting the disk, the virus checkers are from a diagnostic cd i have they are not running all the time, but i havr norton 360 as my regular antivirus and it doesnt find anything either, any ideas ??

  birdface 15:31 29 May 2012

In Taskmanager what is using up the CPU.If nothing running system idle process should be showing about 97% and that is normal.Anything else using up a lot of the CPU let us know what.

  crahnn 16:46 29 May 2012

cpu is at 97 to 98 and explorer.exe is at 02 but nothing else, any ideas ??

  birdface 20:06 29 May 2012

Is it system idle process that shows 97-98%if so thats Ok.

Hard drive makes a lot of noise.Maybe try chdsk, My Computer.Right Click C drive then properties.Tools.Check now and tick both boxes,Reboot and chkdsk will run at start up but it may take a few hours.

While in there you could click on Disc clean up and run that before doing chkdsk.

You could also make sure that you have the latest Flash and Java programs downloaded.Delete any old ones first.

Try Firefox it is much quicker than I/E

  lotvic 20:14 29 May 2012

In Task Manager, grab the scroll bar at the right and scroll down so you can see the rest of the processes that are running. Also if you click on the column heading CPU it will put the processes that are using CPU next to each other.

If you want, Take a screenshot (hold down Alt and press Print Screen then open paint program and paste it in there so you can read it without it jumping about)

There is a setting in Norton to turn the alert off, On the popup Click on view Details and the option is there. (that doesn't stop the process using all the CPU up, it only stops the alert)

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