PC is running really really slowly!

  cheechman 14:03 20 Feb 2007

Hello there

I know this question has been asked many many times before but can anybody give me any pointers on how to speed my pc up.

I'm currently running four machines on a wireless network. Two of them run absolutely fine so I know its nothing to do with the network but the others are painfully slow in showin pictures on websites, opening programs etc.

I've done all the usual of taking off programs which I don't need, running Windows Defender to check for spyware, running defrag, checking for system errors and its still making dial-up look fantastic!

  Alan H E 14:08 20 Feb 2007

Have you used something like C Cleaner? How much free space on C drive?

  Probabilitydrive 14:17 20 Feb 2007

As a general suggestion: Answers to frequently posted questions are to be found if you type keyword in the "Search Forum" window (top right corner).

click here:

  Probabilitydrive 14:19 20 Feb 2007

Click here should read: click here

  cheechman 14:20 20 Feb 2007

Thanks for the pointer

What does C Cleaner do - or is that a stupid question?? Used 29GB Free 8GB

  rdave13 14:26 20 Feb 2007
  Probabilitydrive 14:27 20 Feb 2007

Cheechman, there are no stupid questions (only stupid answers) so, feel free to ask.

I have used C Cleaner in the past and found that there may be issues of CC identifying/asking you to delete important files. (files necessary for the smooth running of your system/your applications).

In any case, create a restore point before deleting anything.
For the time being wait till the more knowledgeable C Cleaner user in this forum point you further.

  rdave13 14:29 20 Feb 2007

Another good pdogram is cleanup click here

  cheechman 14:34 20 Feb 2007

Thanks again!! I'm going to follow the instructions from the FAQ which probabilitydrive showed me.

If it doesn't improve I'll come back.

Thanks again


  Jackcoms 14:35 20 Feb 2007

"I have used C Cleaner in the past and found that there may be issues of CC identifying/asking you to delete important files"


In the 2 or more years that I've been using CCleaner it's never deleted "important files".

I regularly (at least weekly) use all three of the main cleaning options (Windows, Applications and Issues) and have ALWAYS deleted everything it finds with no ill effects.

  Jackcoms 14:38 20 Feb 2007

To speed up the PC you should also:

Uninstall any programs which you never use

Run Check Disk

Defrag the HDD

Disable any unnecessary programs/processes, running in the background, via msconfig

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