PC running only free software

  Pineman100 10:44 29 May 2007

I don't know whether anyone has read this article: click here

I have an old Win 98 PC that sits in the corner doing nothing (my newer main PC runs XP SP2 Home). I was thinking of converting the old one to try out all of the free software suggested in the above article, just for fun to see how it works out.

Has anyone got any experience of the OS and software mentioned in the article? I'm interested in any and all comments.

  Cymro. 11:25 29 May 2007

I think this one deserves to get bumped back up. I am sure there must be some one who

knows about such things that can help you. It all sounds very good to me assuming

you have the time and patience to sort it all out.

  mac_damage 11:52 29 May 2007

Hi folks ive used Ubuntu & its very easy to use. If u want to try it out b4 u installing it on ur harddrive u can boot from & run from the disc & if u want to install then the options there. i found very few probs & driver support was not a problem, even wireless networking was relatively easy to sort out as Ubuntu supports drivers for ralink wireless hardware & i was able to connect wireless 2 a netgear dg834 modem router.
Give it a try!!

  scotty 12:55 29 May 2007

I recently put Ubuntu 7.04 on an old Win98 pc (dual boot to allow me to choose Windows or Ubuntu). I am very happy with the result. Lots of high quality programs available. It does take a bit of effort to get used to the differences so be prepared to put in a bit of time.

I also installed Ubuntu on another old pc but had more problems. The keyboard did not work (which makes logging on difficult!) and I have yet to get wireless networking working.

Linux is getting really close to being a serious challenge to Windows. If you are technically minded and willing to put in the effort it is excellent. If you are a non-technical computer user who is not prepared to sort out any problems encountered, it is not quite there yet. That said, it has many advantages over Windows.

  Pineman100 16:38 29 May 2007

'Scuse my ignorance, but is it the case that Windows software won't run under Ubuntu/Linux?

  MaxUpload 16:55 29 May 2007

Pineman100 - the answer to your question is basically yes.

Have a look at this article and with Linux ubuntu installed on your spare machine prepare to be amazed at what is available.

click here

  Pineman100 17:11 29 May 2007

Well, you're not wrong. I am definitely amazed at the variety of Linux software available.

I've made a note of that website to use when I've set up my old machine as planned. Many thanks.

(I'm currently away on holiday, so have to wait until I get home to get stuck into this project).

  MaxUpload 17:39 29 May 2007

"Getting stuck in" just about sums it up!

Running a linux machine is definitely NOT for the faint hearted.

Another website which you will find invaluable is - click here

  mocha 22:49 29 May 2007

Go here click here and check out the right hand column, there are so many it's unbelievable. Whatever your machine's specs. are there will be one for you.

Download one that you like and see if it works on your computer, if not download another till you find the one best suited.

Not all will work with your soundcard, graphics card etc. So it's best finding one that works 'out of the box'.

Once the basics are working you can then trial all the software thats out there.

Good Luck.

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