P.C Running Costs?

  I've broken it! (IBI) 22:19 25 Apr 2003

Has anyone got any idea how much it costs to run a P.C for a 24 hour period?

I have a P.C with a 400W power supply. Hansol 710P monitor, Labtec speakers (seperate power supply - 15V DC), Epson 400 printer.
A unit of electricity costs 6.880p.

Sounds like a GCSE question!

  Mysticnas 22:42 25 Apr 2003

i've always wondered that...

any one with an answer?

  Djohn 22:50 25 Apr 2003

Until someone gives us the answer to this question have a read here. click here

  Gerrycan 23:02 25 Apr 2003

A household freezer uses more that the average pc,and switching your pc off and on constantly can cause more harm than leaving it on,as long as their is plenty of ventilation and the cooling fans are doing there job, leaving your pc on for 30hours or so is no problem.

  tbh72 23:04 25 Apr 2003

45.8 pence per 24 hour period


  tbh72 23:05 25 Apr 2003

PS, that assumes nothing is powered down

  Djohn 23:09 25 Apr 2003

Hi Tony, so that's where all my pocket money goes! :o)

  I've broken it! (IBI) 23:14 25 Apr 2003

Thanks for the link.

I have come to the conclusion that I can leave my system on for extended periods of time without many problems. It might be a good idea, however, to switch off the Cable Modem (Telewest B.B).

I guess that this question can only be acuratley answered by connecting a 'widget' to measure power consumption? But if I assume that my system will not have any power saving options enabled (I once heard that a TV on 'standby' uses 80% of the power than when its on!)maybe someone might have a go at the Maths?

  tbh72 23:15 25 Apr 2003

I fitted that PCI card 2 week's ago & the best thing to a shut down my computer has seen is a quick reboot, I obviously calculated cost's & am looking at one of those micro pc's just for the cctv equipment!!!! I reckon with the right PC I could shave the cost's down to 15 pence or there abouts.

  I've broken it! (IBI) 23:16 25 Apr 2003

Tony thb72

Thanks for the answer.


  tbh72 23:19 25 Apr 2003

Where you from IAN....... Do I know you???

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