PC running at 100% permanently

  beafoster 23:24 03 Jul 2008

ive just been given a pc that that im having problems with. according to the system info ( friend had no idea) its a intel celeron 2.66ghz processor with 512 RAM and 80gb HDD (only 7.5 GB is used) and its running XP. The problem im having is that it is slow beyond beleif and if i do get something to open it stops responding as soon as i click on anything within it. basically it cant handle doing anything. Ive run ccleaner, deleted programs that i have had problems with on other pc's, sweetIM, Limewire, etc (they werent mine) run super anti spyware and defragged it. if i open the task manager it says there are (on average) 24 processes running, 100% CPU usage and 180M commit charge. the only thing never to change is the CPU 100% i just have no idea what could be wrong. any help would be greatly appreciated.

  ronalddonald 00:17 04 Jul 2008

system restore. If you cant do that then try by reinstalling windows xp. You place the disc into the machine restart machine and pressing f12 key and boot form there. At this point try to do a repair, by that way none of your data will be overwritten.

If you can back up your data but by the sounds of what u r saying seems imposssible, but if you can back up data using a pen drive ie transferring all your data files over to your pen drive then reinstalling xp a fresh copy and see if that resolves the problem.

I hpe this can resolve the problem. Also try to get more ram up to 2gb of ram will be sufficient for your desktop or laptop.

If its one of those old celerons they can be pretty slow compared to the new dual celerons it may be worht getting yourself a new computer, if you can.

Any way good luck with your mission.

  mrwoowoo 01:04 04 Jul 2008

In your task manager >processes,could you see what was using 100%cpu. 99% should be taken up by system idle p.If it's something else take note and report back.
You've scanned with super A S,but have you scanned with an anti virus programme such as AVG as it could be a virus.
Another cause could be hardware failure.Does the rom drive whine if it tries to read a disc?The cpu in my old pc stayed at 100% due to a failing rom drive.The CPU after start up was permanently trying to initiate or detect the drive which wouldn't respond.This caused the CPU to try even harder to get a responce,which it never got and so the never ending loop continued.
Once removed and a new one installed, all was ok.

  beafoster 07:33 04 Jul 2008

i dont have the original xp disc to restore it that way. the only one i have is one that i bought with my last computer and it wont let me use that one. dont know why. one of the the other computers i have in the house is 7 years old and is exactly half the the spec of this newer freebie and works fine as a back up.

its not whining, it does make a noise like a whirring but thats normal isnt it? all my others made that noise. i did download avg8 but because it was running mcafee it wouldnt complete the install and then i forgot after i deleted mcafee. Thanks for reminding me! do i just look in processes on the task manager to find out what is using my 100%? i'll have a lookat what you said and get back to you, might take some time its slower than me nan in the 100m dash in flip flops! lol

thanks for all your help so far guys!

  birdface 08:39 04 Jul 2008

Make sure it is set to DMA and not PIO.This gives you the general Idea how to do it.click here Now it should read DMA 5 nowadays.

  beafoster 13:30 04 Jul 2008

Dma is ias it should be on both primary and secondary IDE.
I looked at the processes and found a few things that turned out to be malicious they have now been deleted and the problem appears to be fixed
Thanks for all of you help!!!! Much obliged to you all

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