PC restarts when playing games...Help!!

  moorsd 13:58 22 Oct 2006

Can someone please help with a recent problem I've encountered with my PC?

Since up-grading my graphics card to a Gainward 7800GS+ (AGP) I've been having problems, everytime I play a game such as Doom3, Far Cry, and Thief, the system either freezes or restarts (Normally just as you start to play the game after the opening options) . If it restarts a message often appears "Windows has recovered from a serious error" The strange thing is that it doesn't do the same thing when playing Flight SimulatorX (Which I believe is more demending on the GPU?)

I've installed the latest drivers, checked that the temps are all ok (which they are), and still the problem occurs! However, if I put my old graphics card in they all work fine (Geforce FX5950 Ultra)????

I've already replaced the 7800GS+ once thinking it was faulty, now I'm wonering if it's the PSU?

My System Specs are:

AMD 64 3000+
AS Rock K8S8X motherboard
1536MB DDR400 RAM
400w PSU (Non Branded)
2 x ATA Hard Drives
1 x DVD Rewriter

  Totally-braindead 14:16 22 Oct 2006

Try typing DXDIAG into the run box.

START RUN type DXDIAG and see what it says.

  Totally-braindead 14:23 22 Oct 2006

Just had a thought. The 7800 I think has a seperate power connector, you have connected it haven't you?

  moorsd 14:29 22 Oct 2006

Yeh both power connectors are connected, I've also tried to connect theses via the main PSU leads rather than via a Y spliter in case this made any differennce? Because of the extra power needed I was wondering if my PSU wasn't up to it?

with regards to the DXDIAG - It says no problems and direct x 9.0c is installed?

Thanks for your response BTW!

  Totally-braindead 14:35 22 Oct 2006

Well my only practical suggestion is try the card on a mates PC. Preferably someone who has a GeForce card so you don't have to muck about with drivers.
I had this problem a few years ago with a ATI 9800Pro and changed my power supply only to find it was the graphics card at fault, I appreciate you've already replaced the card and its unlikely both would be faulty but it is possible.
Replacing the power supply wouldn't be a waste as the generic power supplies aren't as good as the branded ones and if you buy a decent one you could use it on your next PC as well.
Personally I'd try the card on another PC first if you can.

  jack 14:43 22 Oct 2006

So your computer says- not that game again - and closes down - very understandable under the circumstances!

  moorsd 15:16 22 Oct 2006

Well to be honest, I don't really play them any more (must be getting old!), but I wanted to benchmark my new card against the old one and then encountered this problem! I just want to get to the bottom of it because I don't want a new card that causes problems over the last one!!

  gudgulf 15:31 22 Oct 2006

A blue screen crash like that is most likely to be a driver issue.....and whilst it could be the card it's unlikely that you have had 2 duff one's.

Could be the power supply if it's not delivering the output it claims.400W should cope though.I'm running a 7800GS+ with a generic 460W supply with no issues.If it was thet I would have thought FlightSim would have caused the problem too as it's demanding on the whole system.

Have you tried updating the SiS chipset drivers click here

I believe that there are some stability issues with the AGP gart drivers and so updating these might help.

Make sure you also patch the games to the latest version.

You might also try running the games at a lower setting to reduce the strain on the system.

I also wonder if you could have a RAM memory fault/problem.If you are running the games at higher settings than you did with your 5950 card you might be pushing the memory.

If running with all three memory slots full try going to 1GB/2 slots used and see if that helps.

  citadel 16:51 22 Oct 2006

I would get a decent psu as you cannot go wrong in having one.

  moorsd 17:14 22 Oct 2006

All fixed!!!

I've just installed a new 500w PSU and everything now runs fine! To be honest I thought it might be this after using a power consumption calculator and it looked too close to 400w for comfort!

Thanks for all your input though guys!

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