PC restarts at startup

  quitebright 11:42 28 Jan 2005

Hi, I got a Pc from tiny back in September 2004. It's been nothing but trouble. First the BIOS driver (?) had to be reloaded and then loads of other stuff went wrong. They won't give me a refund, so I'm trying to sort the problem out myself. Everytime it starts up, it gets as far as the Windows XP screen and then restarts. I ran windows diagnostic, and it found loads of faults on LRAND on both RAM modules, but I replaced one and the problems still persisted. I also tried them individually and faults still came up! Once windows has finished starting up, i often get a BSOD and it resarts yet again, saying it has recovered form a serious error! Is there any chance it could be something else. Please help!!!

  JonnyTub 11:49 28 Jan 2005

try using the memory module that you bought on it's own, failing that post in consumer watch and the helpful chaps might advise on how to get tiny sorted out.

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