pc restarts itself playing games

  tomleady 16:50 11 Jun 2005

i bought GTA San Andreas yesterday but only got a chance to install it this morning.

it installed fine and the game opens ok and the menu system appears, but when i start a game, after about 10 seconds, the pc reboots itself! :(

after hours of fiddling with installing and uninstalling and trying some naughty no-dvd patches, it still does it, whether the dvd is in or not.

i tried some other games - Mafia and Vice City, and they both caused the pc to reboot.

my pc has been on for a few days now as i've been doing some rendereing overnight.

my spec is - 3.06Ghz processor. 1BG ram. Radeon Sapphire 9800 Pro. and i have at least 40GB space free.

the graphics card feels really quite warm at the moment, so i wondered whether that could be it?
i've only 9800 about 6 weeks. surely it isnt broken? :S

cheers, tom

  tomleady 16:53 11 Jun 2005


i've had no problems with it for ages, and over the past few days, Windows has been running fine,and all my applications have been running fine too.

i really hope its not a problem with the processor or card and it just needs a rest.

i'll leave it off overnight tonight and try again tomorow afternoon.

just hoping someone might be able to reassure me or have any advice ;)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:07 11 Jun 2005

If shutting off when heavy usage then usaually heat related.

Fan running (correct way) on Graphics card

  tomleady 17:12 11 Jun 2005

never had problem like this before so hoping a turn off will help!

the fan on the card is running and my friend says its running like his does. we tried GTA on his pc and it works fine (damn it!) so clearly a prob with mine.

the fan on the processor (heat sink i think its called) is working too.

  tomleady 12:03 12 Jun 2005

but i also wonderered (worried) if its a problem with either a trojan horse or even the PSU?

if it is the PSU, how do i tell? are there tests i can run?

i have AVG Free edition, Spybot and Ad-Aware Personal Edition 1.06.

any other recommended trojan busters?

  jimv7 12:19 12 Jun 2005

Right click My computer/properties/Advanced/startup and recovery/settings, untick the box 'automatically restart', see if that helps.

  tomleady 13:33 12 Jun 2005

tried that and instead of restarting, the screen went blue and i had to turn my pc off at the wall.

something is seriously wrong.

ran all my scanners and stuff and found no trojan horse.

rolled back my pc to two weeks ago and its still doing it.

now what do i do?

if its a problem with my CPY or motherboard or something, how do i find out?

  woodbexhill 13:34 12 Jun 2005

Are you running the latest drivers?

  Number 7 14:28 12 Jun 2005

Is there a message on the blue screen?

If there's an error message post the exact wording here.

  tomleady 14:33 12 Jun 2005

i got the latest drivers from ati on friday.

dxdiag says -

Main Driver: ati2dvag.dll
Version: 6.14.0010.6542 (english)
Date: 13/05/2005


no message on the blue screen. only seen it twice and i had to turn my pc off.

i've tried several other games, the following crash:
Mafia; Vice City; UT2004; San Andreas.

the following are fine:
Need FOr Speed Underground 2; Pro Evo Soccer 4; Tiger woods 2005; FarCry, although that is slightly jumpier than it used to be.

i'm realy stumped.

but mostly, i'm really worried.
i'm tempted to completely wipe my computer, but will have to wait a few days till i can borrow my mates harddrive to backup.

but even if i wipe the computer, and start again, if there is a hardware problem, how do i find out?

take it to Pc World?

  tomleady 14:35 12 Jun 2005

and i ran 3Dmark 05, and it ran fine, got a score of 2300(ish) i think.

so it doesnt SEEM to be a problem with the graphics card.

something, somewhere is tripping out.

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