pc restarts on its own

  Bellissima 22:08 27 Mar 2004

i have a problem that my pc restarts it self or freezes quite regularly , HOW CAN I FIX THIS PLZ..... ALSO on start up the following messages come up ... "there is an error on your config sys on line 1" also says something about cdrom/cdrom/driver file is missing or corrupt
any suggestions how to fix these probs plz

  Giggle n' Bits 23:40 27 Mar 2004

is it a CDROM. Wrtr or DVD Rom, is you machine a branded model like P.bell ? etc. Bit more detail as there are a few reasons for your problems your having

  Bellissima 14:14 28 Mar 2004

i am using windows 98, pc is not branded model and it does have a cdrom re-writer and dvd player...the message only mentions cdrom/cdrom/driver....

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 14:20 28 Mar 2004

If you go to start/run and type sysedit in the run box then navigate to the config.sys menu and see what it says in line 1 of that menu and post it on here,most likly its pointing to a driver that you have uninstalled and the line still tries to find it.


  anon1 14:21 28 Mar 2004

can you print the entire error message. You could try placing a "rem" in front of line one of your config sys and see if that stops the problem

  anon1 14:22 28 Mar 2004

You could also have a ram problem

  Bellissima 20:41 30 Mar 2004

"the following file is missing or corrupt
c:/driver/cdrom/cdrom config.sys"

"there is an error on the following file config.sys on line 1"

also i dont think this is the reason for continually freezing or restarting on its own
any suggestions please

  99brownd 21:32 30 Mar 2004

i had this problem an it was a conflict between the graphics card and motherboard iwas running a elsa gladiac 64mb geforce mx 400 on a msi 6380 pro 2, no i dont know wot u are running so i cant help u any more.

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