PC restarting itself

  kerryblue 15:42 14 Aug 2007

I had a problem with my PC a few months back. It was restarting itself, it was happening only once a week at the beggining but the problem was graduating to few times a day episodes. Jut when I decided to seek proffesional help it stopped doing it (power of thought ? :-). Now few months passed by and it happened again when my antivirus programme was doing sheduled scan. It is switching off and starting itself again but won't go, I have to switch it off manually and wait at least 5 mins then it is ok. Since then it did happen only while doing the antivirus scan. Recently I changed my antivirus programme (from McAfee to Kaspersky)and did the scan again and it did happen again :-(. It doesn't happen anymore otherwise only in the middle of antivirus scanning. Do I have a virus or is it maybe overheating of the motherboard as I thought before ? Any ideas ?

  mymate 15:52 14 Aug 2007

found this click here

Its same problem as yours but computer shutting down using Spybot.

# Make sure that the fans are running and that dust is cleared from any ventilation ports in the case.
# For desktops (See Caution! below):

* Consider opening the case and checking to make sure the CPU heat sink is not dusty or loose.
* There is a tutorial on cleaning desktop computers here:
o Cleaning the Interior of your PC
click here

# For laptops (See Caution! below):

* If your owner's manual tells you how to open the case (IBM ThinkPads and Dell Inspirons generally do), consider opening the case and checking to make sure the CPU heat sink is not dusty.
* If you have a laptop with one of the one of the following processors:
o Mobile Pentium III-M
o Mobile Pentium 4-M
o Mobile Pentium 4
o Mobile Pentium M / Centrino
o Mobile AMD

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:17 14 Aug 2007

could be overhaeting due to dust buid up on fans and board

or your PSU starting to die with fluctating voltages especially when heavily loaded.

  kerryblue 17:26 14 Aug 2007

Thank you both very much for your advice.

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