pc restarting

  s99Raj 09:10 31 May 2005

I have a PC which just keeps restarting, always taking me back to the options of Safe Mode, Start Windows Normally, etc. None of these options do anything but restart the machine.

I have two separate hard drive images from the manufacturer and after loading either (which is supposed to delete the hard disk and load a "good" image of the OS etc.) I get the same restarting problem. After loading the image it asks me to press any key to restart the machine but I get the same problem. It won't go into Windows at all.

If this is some sort of harware problem, where could the fault lie?

  s99Raj 09:40 31 May 2005

any ideas anyone please? cheers.

  Indigo 1 10:16 31 May 2005

It's a difficult one because you have tried the best remedy already. I don't think it would be a hardware issue as the hardware appears to be working OK.....Or is it?

Do any lights on the keyboard light up ?

Does the PC respond to keyboard at all ?

Can you check to see if any keys are stuck on (like F8 key) ?

You say the PC keeps re-starting but what exactly does it do ? What do you see on screen, does it just go straight to the Start Options screen ?

If you can't repair Windows using the Disc supplied with the PC then I am afraid you are a bit stuck.

Is it still under any sort of Guarantee ?

  Indigo 1 12:11 31 May 2005

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